1. echidna says

    That’s a little closer to what I expect from a Friday cephalopod!

    Fried Calamari indeed…..(yum)

  2. MAJeff, OM says

    PZ scheduled this one before I left (I’m guessing).

    I didn’t think to look to see if he’d done something, so I did the cephalopod thread my way :)

  3. TripMaster Monkey says

    Already sent this off in an email to PZ, but since he’s on vacation, I thought I should share with the class.

    Last night on Ray Comfort’s absurdly titled blog, “Atheist Central”, when I and others repeatedly pressed him to comment on how ridiculous PZ made him look on WDAY radio the other day, Ray retorted thusly:

    “…you mean the guy who was a no-show at the last moment. He was supposed to debate me. I wonder why he didn’t show up? Do I smell chicken? Afraid of banana man :).”

    This is a blatant lie. The producer and hosts of the radio show were the ones responsible for the change in format, as you can see here.

    If the guest bloggers are reading this, please make a post on this subject. This brazen dishonesty cannot be allowed to stand.

  4. GirBoBytons says

    Off topic: Hey PZ you need to accept my friend request on myspace!!! Says you havent been on since may so I figured I would push you to do it. :P I wanna put you in my top friends!!

  5. Lord Zero says

    Beatiful cephalopod you got there… fine fellows you got for posting here too… thats the safeguard if someday some
    religious fanatic does finally kills you for vengeanze for th waffer desecration… pharyngula will be alive
    and well, while we all remember your godless eyaculations!!!

    PD: Im drunk, so forgive me for the bad grammar…

  6. SEF says

    That’s more like it! Nice detailing of an ornamental rose on top too. The equivalent of a cephalopod corsage or piercing perhaps.

  7. GirBoBytons says

    Damn he’s already gone… :( I will have to bug him about it when he gets back.

  8. GirBoBytons says

    Ray Comfort is a total asshat! Where does he get off?? I am sure he knew the whole time too that the hosts had changed the plans…anyone who is on this blog knows that there is not a day on this Flying Spaghetti Monster given earth that PZ would back down to Ray Comfort on a debate. NOT ONE. Oh I can’t wait to find out what PZ thinks about this when he gets back.

  9. LisaJ says

    Oh wow, that Ray Comfort is some lying jackass. It’s like he’s made a career, persona, whatever out of lying. He’s despicable.

    Cute cephalapod though. A little creepy too. I hope PZ doesn’t mind that Jeff fried him up and ate him.

  10. says

    Would it be excessive to prevail upon one of the guest bloggers to give us a quick summary of PZ’s radio “appearance” for those of us not allowed to stream audio at work? He seems to have neglected that before his departure.

  11. Falyne, FCD says

    There are several things that looks more like, to me, than an eye. For example, the torture droid from Star Wars, or disembodied thong-clad buttocks, or…. but, yeah, I’m not seeing the eye.

  12. SEF says

    A ladybird? A button-hole? A small bell (as per a cat collar)? A docking port (for submarines or space-ships)? The housing for a lever, minus the actual stick itself?

  13. MAJeff, OM says

    Would it be excessive to prevail upon one of the guest bloggers to give us a quick summary of PZ’s radio “appearance” for those of us not allowed to stream audio at work? He seems to have neglected that before his departure.

    I’ve not listened to it, so it won’t be me. Maybe some of the commenters would like to toss out a few of their impressions of it?

  14. Kseniya says

    Comfort’s an ignorant, arrogant ass. He’s one of those “atheists secretly believe in God; I know this cuz God told me” guys. What a fool.

  15. horse-pheathers says


    Sometimes I wish I was of a less ethical bent, so I could follow in Ray Comfort’s footsteps and fleece the sheep out there with comforting lies. I bet he was a used car salesman or a flood insurance rep before moving on to professional mountebank after those professions proved too morally constraining for him.

    /Oh, and Ray? When you claim evolution would require the likes of your “crocoduck” to prove, that _is_ a strawman argument, as it blatantly misrepresents what evolution claims. If you ever came up with a real “crocoduck”, it would handily _disprove_ evolution as we know it.
    //But then, you already know that.

    — Pheathers

  16. clinteas says

    Now there’s a cephalopod !

    I reckon it was a wise move not to debate the lying scumbag,how that man can live with himself is beyond me,frankly.

  17. FutureMD says

    Is Matt Nisbet obsessed with PZ? Here’s my response to his latest article that I wonder if he’ll let up on his blog:

    If atheists are radicalized its because the culture at large has made them this way. How do you expect a sane person locked in an insane asylum to act? Why should we show deference and respect (as in your camp example) to those that show us none? PZ is a perfect example because the religious showed their true colors by demonizing him at every opporunity. Did you even read the article about PZ that you posted? No mention over the controversy or context that prompted his so called sacreligous actions. Nope he’s just the angry atheist that hates crackers. You’re holding religion’s hands as they lead us right back into the dark ages.


  18. GirBoBytons says

    I don’t see where PZ’s bit is… :( And I need to find a way to live stream it, I’m not allowed to download anything on my work computer. hehe. Anyone have a better venue for my needs??

  19. GirBoBytons says

    #24-Nevermind I found it but I can’t listen to it here. I will have to wait till I get home. Thanks for the link though!

  20. TripMaster Monkey says

    GirBoBytons, you’ll want the link I provided, not the one provided by clinteas. His opens a javascript window that plays the section of the radio program without benefit of any controls (pause/play, seeker bar). Since the interview with PZ doesn’t even start until 70 minutes in, you’ll be in for a long wait if you use his link.

  21. Jim1138 says

    Nice picture of PZ on Framing Science. “Atheists have an image problem”? I think that the only Atheist that does not have an image problem is one who takes communion weekly.

    I posted the following on Framing Science: Will Matt Nisbet post it?

    Atheists have always had an image problem. Non-theists, or “the Godless” have closeted themselves out of fear for their jobs and even their lives. Hatred of Atheists is currently mainstream as shown by George HW Bush’s statement on the godless. The lessons learned by Blacks and Gays should not be lost on Atheists. Being nice does not get you acceptance. Only a fool ignores history.

  22. LisaJ says

    Re. Jeff’s reply to another post at #18…

    I also have not been able to listen to either PZ’s or Comfort’s radio appearances. I wasn’t allowed to download the plugins. Maybe it was because I use a MAC? Anyone else with a MAC have this problem?

    I would be happy to write a summary of it if I can find a way to listen to it.

  23. Candy says

    Yay! The Friday Ceph!

    I’m not even gonna look at the deaded and breaded one, Samantha. I’ve come to love the amazing and amusing animals, and it would make me sad, too.

    Not that the calamari thing isn’t clever, mind you. ;-)