A poll that matters, for a change

This is how to do it: the Big Think project wants you to look over their inspirational science profiles and vote for one — and as a reward, they’ll donate $1 to DonorsChoose, to fund educational projects. This is a win:win situation. For a couple of clicks, you get to be entertained for a few minutes, and you get to gouge a dollar out of Pfizer, and you get to help out school teachers. How can you not do it?

Apparently, they need 8000 more clicks to meet their quota and limit for the month. I bet we can do that in a day.

(By the way, I voted for Pardis Sabeti.)


  1. clinteas says

    Pardis Sabeti gets my vote !

    She’s hot.Sorry,what am I voting for again?

    Oh,and I liked this :

    //She’s also the lead singer and songwriter of the band, Thousand Days, who uses her music to make science appealing to children, especially, girls//

  2. bio teacher says

    I voted for Dr. Quinones-Hinojosa. He went against all the odds. If he can do it there’s nothing stopping any of my students from reaching their potential. What an inspiration!

    By the way, fund DonorsChoose projects. I tried to get some funding through them and not enough was available for my project (to buy a class set of binoculars so I could teach my kids about birds and birding). It’s a great program and I know it has worked for many teachers – we sometimes need extra money to do really cool stuff in (and outside of) our classrooms!

  3. tony says

    I was definitely tempted by ‘hot rock chick magnetism’ – but I had to vote for Dr. Bonnie Bassler. Quorum sensing is just so cool. (Despite Greg Bear making it silly in Blood Music)

  4. says

    If you read the fine print, it says “*Pfizer will contribute up to $10,000 to DonorsChoose.org.
    You may vote once for each video profile.”

    After reading that, I voted for the other 6 scientists, too.

    With 7 bucks a person, we can fill those coffers in a few hours.

  5. says

    Thanks for all of your support! With over 4,300 classroom projects dedicated to Math & Science, we’ll take as many clicks as we can get…
    – the donorschoose.org team

  6. says

    As per my earlier comment about one click per video profile, please someone correct me if I’m wrong. The last thing I want to do is stop someone from getting cash for my overzealousness.

  7. Phineas says

    @ Randy, #10: Dr. Quinones-Hinojosa has a great story, so I voted for him as well. Actually, all the profiles showed scientists who are really into their work, which is fantastic. People like them need way more exposure than I imagine they’re getting. Great videos to show middle or high school students to illustrate the “science is very, very cool” idea.

  8. Benjamin Franklin says

    I voted for Dr Bonnie. I saw a segment about her on Nova Now last night & was very impressed. Her talk about bacteria even impressed my fundie wife – no small feat!

  9. Jason says

    PZ – way to go! Pardis is right down the hall from me (though her lab is moving from our building).

    She’s really cool in person, btw.

  10. Doozer says

    Clinteas, my reasoning exactly. Unscientific? Well….
    Move over, Buckaroo Banzai!
    Bonnie, though… Hell, may as well go back and vote for all of ’em…

  11. deadman_932 says

    Lest anyone think “mental midge” was a typo in my post on the Vox Day poll; nope, I meant it – as in “gnatlike cognitive skills.”

  12. says

    As of this comment, it says $2,700 has been raised through our clicking.

    If we can crash the polls of online newspapers in every podunk town in North America, surely we can bring the clicked donations up to the $10,000 limit per researcher.

    C’mon Pharyngulites, get your click on.

  13. Sara M. says

    Is anyone else unable to load the page? I’m using Firefox 3 and it keeps saying “Connection interrupted”.

  14. Benjamin Franklin says


    Uh oh, after I voted on that poll, I was voter #666, so I guess the anti-christ will win the election.

  15. foxfire says

    @ Sara M. #22: I’m running firefox 3 and the page loaded fine.

    General comment: tough choices and I ended up voting for Dr. Quinones-Hinojosa since he really beat the odds.

  16. tyaddow says

    Being the sycophant that I am, I also voted for Pardis Sabeti. It should have been a tough choice, but I only live to impress P.Z. Anyway, I’m glad to see this power being used for good, er, a better good than usual!

  17. asad says

    I also voted for Dr. Sabeti, only because she’s also a bass-playing scientist like myself.

  18. Courtny says

    I voted for Professor Bassler–her work with Vibrio Fischeri is reakky cool. I’m also completely biased because I was in her Molecular Biology 101 class and she was great at making science interesting, accessible, and relevant (I probably wouldn’t be reading this blog if it wasn’t for her class!)

  19. says

    I voted for Dr. Sarah Schlesinger because I think developing an HIV vaccine will be such an important milestone for humanity.

  20. says

    Ah, I spoke too soon. They cast a broader net than I thought. I just randomly got three “pros” for religion in a row when I looked at the “faith and belief” section. Sam Harris is in there, so ok. End of crank. Sorry.

  21. says

    I voted for each of the 7 videos once (the site says you can do that) resulting in 7 times the donations of the rest of you uncaring loire. Finally there is a noble purpose for our poll crashing. Let’s make a REAL difference for once.