Friday Cephalopod: Where are your vacation photos?

Hey, isn’t this the time of year you should be traveling to exotic places, diving and snorkeling in tropical oceans, and of course, sending your underwater photos to me to inspire acute envy? That’s what Philip Qua did, and here are some cephalopods spotted in the Caribbean reefs off Cozumel.




  1. deejay says

    I recently got back from a trip to St. Lucia, where we did a little bit of casual snorkeling. My wife and I were convinced that we saw a couple of cuttlefish, but I just read that cuttlefish aren’t found in American waters. Is that correct?

    No photos, unfortunately, as we ran out of film on the underwater disposable before we saw them.

  2. says

    Faintastic shots – absolutely beautiful! My one and only coral snorkling adventure was in the “winter,” so the corals didn’t have a lot of color. I didn’t notice any octopuses, (not suprising consiering their excellent camouflage abilities). However, I did see some baby sea turtles, and I got to hold a sea cucumber.

  3. LisaJ says

    Wow, absolutely beautiful. I have got to take up scuba diving… and move to an ocean side town.

  4. jimibungle says

    this time last year I was diving in St Lucia and on a snorkelling day between the pitons I also thought that I saw three cuttlefish swimming together. Followed them for a while – very graceful movers. May have some photos, will have a look

  5. llewelly says

    I aint going swimming in no ocean with things like them in it….

    That’s ok. Global warming and ocean acidification will probably kill off all or nearly all reef life in the next 50 years so. Then you’ll be able to swim in the ocean without fear of your fellow living creatures.

  6. says

    llewelly, thank you for your commentary Colonel Buzz Killington. Have we lost the ability to just have a light hearted discussion about cute cephalopods around here? Have we absorbed that much killjoy from the catholics after Crackergate?

    Love the cute little blue guy in the top picture by the way. Great pictures.

  7. Robin L. says

    I look forward to the Friday cephalopod all week. And I LOVE cuttlefish, though I have never seen them in the Carribean. I do sit and commune with them whenever I go to aquarium. Maybe someday I will figure out what they think I am saying . . .

  8. Wonderpus says

    My last dive trip was to Malaysian Borneo — we saw a wonderful broadclub cuttlefish who patiently went about his business while I tried to take his photo. Here’s one of the better ones:

    Broadclub cuttlefish photo []

    To me it also looked like he was hunting by forming a “hose” with his tentacles and using it to blow on the coral heads, presumably to scare out any prey.

    We also saw this amazingly tiny little squid (bobtail?), lurking in a small crevice at night. It was only 1cm long!

  9. Troglodyte says

    I just got back from Hawaii, where I went on no less than 6 dives hoping to see an octopus or squid. Sadly, I didn’t encounter any cephalopods. Sorry.

  10. Peter Ashby says

    Wonderpus that is a lovely photo, especially that you have to concentrate to pick the outline up against the background. Nicely shot, well done.

  11. says

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  12. cactusren says

    Seriously, Jack, what’s the point of posting random psalms here? This entry is about fun pictures of cephalopods, and says nothing about religion (pro or anti). It’s rather off-putting that you would randomly quote biblical passages here, so if you’re somehow hoping to convert people in this way, please stop wasting your time and ours.

  13. deejay says

    @ jimibungle #8.

    Belated thanks for the reply. I look forward to seeing your photos if you’re able to share them; that would be great.

  14. says

    My holiday pictures are of the Kraken rising from the depths to eat a boat-full of Jackasses–er, Jacks. Unfortunately, they were taken by the Gestapo Department of Oil Baron’s Security Theology, who mistook them for a laptop computer.

  15. jimibungle says

    just checked with my girlfriend and we did not have cameras that day! sorry… We are both pretty positive about them being cuttlefish though

  16. says

    I had some real winner shots of a pissed of “Spiny Puffer” fish, but I know you love all things that are CTHULHU.

    Enjoy people!

    And thanks for posting my photos PZ, their are hardly National Geographic quality, but I thought these two were good.