Help the Secular Student Alliance!

These campus freethought groups are growing fast, and the SSA is a national umbrella organization that advises many students — it’s a great cause. They are trying to raise money to contribute towards more student support — help ’em out!


  1. llewelly says

    They should kidnap some consecrated crackers and hold them hostage. A few youtubes of crazed atheists waving little dishes of salsa and avocado at helpless hosts should make those Catholics cough up the bills.

  2. KillerChihuahua says

    I don’t see why they cannot get their hands on some of that $40k that UCF is giving out to religious groups. Perhaps we should mail-bomb UCF with that suggestion.

  3. says

    My favorite person in the world was president of Rice University’s chapter of SSA, which went by the name of Secular Students of Rice… a GREAT group.

  4. says

    I already donate $10/month automatically via PayPal. Ever since PZ first blogged about the SSA. It has been about a year now…. so about $120 in total. I will keep that donation “on” for as long as I have a regular source of income and the SSA exists to do the work they do.


  5. TyBowen says

    Please donate, its a great cause. They are the ones helping us get CU: Boulder’s SSA off the ground.

  6. wnelson says

    Yes, be sure to donate — I hear they’re working on a raffle to send Myers to Jerusalem, where he can urinate on the Wailing Wall. ;-)

    Hey, it’s just frackin’ rock!

  7. Kcanadensis says

    YES, please do. My college organization is affiliated with SSA and they helped bring Dan Barker to our campus last fall. Thank you!

  8. Orson Zedd says

    Thanks for your help, PZ. I’m a member of the University of Mississippi chapter. My Roommate started it. The Chancellor refuses to acknowledge its existence, so we need all the help we can get.

    We did have a bit of a membership drive when Brother Micah visited in April, basically handing out fliers for the organization as he called everyone Masturbators, Whores, and in my case, a Moron. I just wanted to know if he had a non-Pasta alternative to the Theory of Gravity, I don’t know what his problem is.

    Anyway, if anyone in the North Mississippi area reads this, and is an atheist, we’re here for you. We need all the help we can get.

  9. says

    More funding for student bodies is always a good thing.

    Though sending someone to a war zone to pee on a wall isn’t the smartest thing in the world. As much as I would love to see PZ Myers urinating on the Wailing Wall, it’s generally not advisable to send someone to the Middle East, especially for something as trivial and frankly, very juvenile and tasteless as that. Don’t want to lose a scientist like that, see…