1. Bride of Shrek says

    I have nothing to say on this topic. I just, for once, wanted to be the first poster in a thread. I’ve been waiting two years for this moment. Allow me my time in the sun.

  2. JeffreyD says

    Oh come on, Bride of Shrek, I always go to you for something pithy. But with this comment, you have cheated me and left out the pith, I am pithed off. You owe me pith, damnit, pith on me.


    Ciao, Jeffrey

  3. CosmicTeapot says


    In the words of the great Kenneth Williams (English comic actor)

    Peace on you

  4. Bride of Shrek says


    You want me to pith on you? Damn boy, isn’t there like a “house of ill repute” in your vicinity that’ll perform that service for you?

  5. Ihab Hussein says

    In the words of the great Kenneth Williams (English comic actor)
    Peace on you

    Stop messing about

  6. JeffreyD says

    Bride of Shrek, re you #4, there probably is a house of ill repute nearby, but I am not an evangelist or fundamentalist creo-scientist, so doubt they want me as a customer. Oh well (dramatic sigh).

    Always love your posts, BoS, and wish I had a platypus in my back yard, I just have ducks, geese and swans and herons on the pond. So boring.

    Well, off to the home workshop to produce more pieces of the true cross for sale on Ebay. I use the proceeds from fundies to fuel my drug and alcohol induced atheist lifestyle.

    Ciao, ya’ll

  7. LordJiro says

    Atheists are going to talk about ethics? Gonna be a short segment. EVERYONE knows atheists don’t have ‘ethics’!

  8. Jams says

    I can’t help but observe that it’s always 9am somewhere. Does no one believe in timezones anymore?

  9. Aero says

    I’ve just noticed a serious neglect over at Dikipedia. – So, I’m passing it on as a little something especially suited for Sunday. There is no entry there for God. I know from years of reading and enlightening myself here that there are those here articulate and knowledgeable in the subject so I hope they will share.

  10. says

    Camp Quest! My ex-gf used to be a counselor there, she said it was a great place. Definitely cool for kids with no bible camp to go to.

  11. says

    Podcast is up! I should correct my fiancee who posted in my name earlier. We don’t actually stream the live show from our site, that’s through AM 950 KTNF. All you really need for verification is a Minnesota zip code, like 55401. Thanks for listening!

  12. BoxerShorts says

    There’s no need to specify time zones. After all, PZ’s readers fall into two categories: PZ’s fellow Minnesotans, and inferior barbarian outlanders.

  13. Brian K. says

    Actually, I’m partial to 55343.
    Thanks to MST3k I will forever know the zipcode of Hopkins, Minnesota.