Local reminder!

I mentioned some of the good stuff in Morris this weekend, and some are imminent: at 3:00, it’s Vincent Price in Theatre of Blood at the Morris Theatre; then at 8:00, it’s the Auditorium of Creationist Blather, as Angus Menuge argues with me about whether neuroscience leaves room for god (answer: no. Hey, that was quick!). You Twin Cities residents can still make the movie if you leave right now — we’re about 3 hours away.

Or you could rent the video and watch it at home, and apparently the debate will be recorded, so you’ll be able to watch it on the interwebs later on.


  1. Evelyn says

    Is it REALLY Vincent Price? ‘Cos if it is, II’m DEFINATELY coming along (But I doubt it some how…).

  2. says

    I’m onto you Myers. I know this is all code-speak for “I’m going to see Zombie Strippers at the Mall of America.”

  3. djlactin says

    Ahh… Vincent Price… Anybody remember the Dr. Phibes movies? He’s the evil genius (mute, but can speak by hooking himself up to a pipe organ), always trying to kill somebody. The cops trying to stop him are the bad guys, and there’s always a third group of bumbling incompetents who f*** up and it turns out great for Dr. P.?
    And his accomplice “Victooooria”.

  4. QrazyQat says

    Saw Price on the Tonight Show when the movie came out; he said the movie was fun but hardest part was carrying Diana Rigg (as his daughter Edwina) in the last scene: “She’s a BIG girl”.

  5. says

    Next year, Morris is scheduled to get a new-fangled invention that’s all the rage in the heathen outside world: A set of electric traffic lights.

  6. RedMage13 says

    Ah, Theater of Blood. I need to dig the old VHS copy of that out again, it’s been a while since I’ve watched it.

  7. CortxVortx says


    And his accomplice “Victooooria”.

    I checked IMDB to make sure: Vulnavia.

    That’s what you get for relying on memory!

  8. paulh says

    And Threatre of Blood is where Price first met his wife, Coral Browne (she plays the critic who has a very hot time at the hairdresser’s).