1. JohnnieCanuck, FCD says

    M ike, someone calling himself Mike seems to have violated your copyright on your comment. :)

  2. Nemo says

    They’re not really fragile for their size… they’re no fleas, though. Ever tried to crush a flea? Impossible.

  3. Ray says

    They are tough little buggers, but there’s a technique to crushing fleas. Once you know how, they “pop” like rice krispies when crushed. Don’t ask how I know, I’d rather not remember too much.


  4. RamblinDude says

    Ah, you mean before it was blood engorged. Otherwise, talk about a popping sound…

    (No, don’t try to visualize it.)

  5. Wisaakah says

    Ah, fly genetics! Nothing like a little FlyNap to clear the sinuses/start a killer headache.

  6. BillCinSD says

    Mike needs to examine the phrase “fair use” and see how it applies to this situation. Unless he was just joking then I need better humor detecting wetware

  7. Lycosid says

    I predict many copywrite violations by science teachers.

    Sorry, just practicing for the day I work for the Discovery Institute.

  8. says

    In my undergrad genetics class we used FlyLab software instead of handling actual flies. What are your opinions about using simulated generations instead of the real thing? I know that your work is more on development than genetics, but I was just interested to hear your opinion as a science professor in general.

  9. Falyne says


    Somebody mentioned fair use, which is alllll the excuse I need to whore out a video my wonderful roommate helped edit (and I just re-watched the other day, so it’s at the front of my brain). It’s called “A Fair(y) Use Tale”, and it’s a description of the basic principles of copyright and Fair Use made entirely from Disney character dialogue.

    Oh, and it’s also the only thing from my school I’ve ever seen on the /. front page…


  10. says

    FlyLab software is a supplement, not a substitute. There is no replacing doing the real thing with real organisms.

    Flies really aren’t that hard to raise. Carolina sells everything you need; raising them is a little bit tedious, but the rewards are substantial.

  11. Bride of Shrek says

    Not hard to raise at all. You should see my wheelie bin on the night before the weekly pickup. Damn sure one of them had the head of Vincent Price on it too.

  12. Bride of Shrek says

    Oops, thats right- Vincent Price was the brother. At least it wasn’t Jeff Goldblum.

  13. Rich says

    “/Juggling flies… prepping stocks for our crosses./

    How Pontius Pilot of you!”

    Heh. I had the same kind of mental image… A fly Golgotha, probably made of styrofoam. Tiny toothpick crosses. Maybe the flies buzzing “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.”

  14. Julie Stahlhut says

    Well, there’s FlyNap (reversible) and FlyDirtNap (quite the opposite.) The latter describes much more accurately than the former what I do with the poor little things.

    Anyway, Mr. Katt should plan ahead and always put flies into Epi tubes before squishing them. You never know when you’ll need the DNA.

  15. pluky says

    The one thing I remember best from fly lab is that having a beer beforehand is a really bad idea — sort of cubes the effect of Fly Nap (diethyl ether to earth people).

  16. Peter Ashby says

    My favorite thing on going into the lab of a morning was to stand beside the shaking incubator packed with 2l flasks and go ‘Oh how I love the smell of coli in the morning’.