1. says

    As an aspiring parodist myself, I must admit I have no special immunity to the effects of Poe’s Law. The best parody of fundamentalism is difficult to distinguish from real apologetics. This video had me fooled for a bit. Sadly (and hilariously), some fundies will doubtless refer people to this video as proof of Creationism.

  2. resident_alien says

    Damn,that was a tricky one!But at “lovely white skin” vs. “dirty brown skin”,I thought:This HAS to be satire!PLEASE!

  3. DrFrank says

    I knew it was parody when it showed that the guy had defaced his Bible by underlining a passage ;)

    It is quite well designed, though, as the underlying pro-evolution sentiment starts off quite subtle and then gets stronger throughout the segment.

  4. sailor says

    Bookmark this one, Then go on fundie sites, profess outrage at evilution and give links to it everywhere!

  5. Flaky says

    Boo! I thought that the DNA sequences were some clever joke, where they’d code the same protein sequences, but they don’t.

  6. says

    It’s kind of funny that he would use Angelina Jolie in the video because I have heard some Creationists using the bad behavior of celebrities as proof against evolution.

    “I mean when you compare the perfection of the Virgin Mary to the antics of Elizabeth Taylor it’s obvious that people are de-evolving!”

    Yep, they’re stupid.

  7. holbsch says

    How can you argue or reason with insanity? We will never
    be rid of this irrational slime, and I feel the only way
    to combat these brain-dead cretins is with caustic and
    constant ridicule. Keep at it and make them aware that
    they are insane and mock them to the point of frustration.
    We will never convince them that they are insane, and since
    they are will never extricate themselves from the depths
    of unreason. They will have to come to their senses on
    their own as most of us have. I will continue to hammer
    away at them with undiminshed ridicule.

  8. Benjamin Franz says

    Sadly, Morton’s Demon will make True Believers in Creationism completely fail to get the satire. They will see it as honestly supporting their beliefs. They won’t see the fact it is actually demonstrating that their beliefs are completely incompatible with physical reality.

    I give the creator of the video full props for effort and subtlety, but the hit them in the head with a two by four approach is more effective in practice.

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    OMG! i find it more sad than funny that people have to create this kind of satire as a wake up call for some people.

    anyway, this parody is makes up for the sadness i feel :)

    which would only make sense if you’ve seen this video:

    which unfortunately, is not a parody.


  10. DrFrank says

    Boo! I thought that the DNA sequences were some clever joke, where they’d code the same protein sequences, but they don’t.
    I think the gag with the DNA sequences was that they’d just pulled two incredibly short lengths at random and compared them from the entire genome, and used that to disprove DNA similarity.

    Also, the fact that not a single letter overlapped (rather than about a quarter, as you may expect) may be an oblique reference to Creationists distorting/carefully selecting `evidence’.

    Of course, I may be reading too much into it. Probably still a lot less than your average English student could read into a single line knocked out by Shakespeare, but there you go.

  11. pedlar says

    hmm. I followed up with a few more of his videos. ‘Checkmate’ is brilliant.

    But… follow the comments. It’s kinda sad. About one in five don’t get it’s satire. And the really sad part. Most of those are atheists. Not Xians. Just dumb as shit arrogant athiests.

    These are on our side? Sad. Sad. Sad.

  12. Mena says

    Is it wrong of me to find the high point of that video to be the deer-on-dog action? That would have qualified to be in the not so happy dog section too.

  13. MartinM says

    These are on our side? Sad. Sad. Sad.

    These are youtube comments we’re talkin about; stupidity is near-universal there.

  14. pedlar says

    #16 “These are on our side? Sad. Sad. Sad.”

    #18 “These are youtube comments we’re talkin about; stupidity is near-universal there.”

    Fair point.

    OTOH, which is more representative of society in general. Youtube or Pharyngula?

    Like I said: Sad. Sad. Sad.

  15. sman says

    I loved the shout out to us Ordovician Invertebrate geeks. We know where it really began.;)

  16. Severian says

    YouTube breeds stupidity in a way that even makes the comments on Digg seem like a MENSA convention.

  17. Severian says

    @ #19

    If this country was more like the Pharyngula comments section and less like YouTube, “Meet The Spartans” would not have been the highest grossing movie this weekend.

  18. Chemist says

    “I knew it was parody when it showed that the guy had defaced his Bible by underlining a passage ;)”

    Not only do the most rabid of creationist apologists underline passages, some even use different colored pencils for the purpose, marking the scriptures as the Spirit moves them. Mormons are especially big on this activity. (Some TV evangelists will sell you a pre-marked and colored version of holy writ.) Once your Bible gets all marked up, reverently place it on a shelf and go to a Christian bookstore and buy another one. Repeat the process…. No wonder the Bible is such a “best seller”. ;-)

  19. Scrofulum says


    Case closed.

  20. RamblinDude says

    It’s almost too subtle by half. I know too many people who would fail to appreciate the satire because the science presented is way over their heads, and much of what is shown is what they actually believe. (Proper Christians don’t do it doggy style.)

  21. says

    Here’s a Sunday-School video parody of intelligent design some friends and I made a few years back (right before The Onion made a similar point). It was also frequently confused as being genuinely anti-science.

    Note: we would often respond to comments in character, as the producers of the religious video. Sarcasm is a lovely thing…

  22. Laser Potato says

    [“lovely white skin” vs. “dirty brown skin”]
    I’m sort of a bronzey in-between; does that make me only slightly soiled?

  23. says

    Hard to do or not, it was a pretty good satire. I loved the “moist full lips” bit (repressed sexuality–though only a satire would voice it), and all of the humping parts. The latter would surely tip off many creationists, though, since their “museums” really are marvels of sexual repression wrt to humans.

    There’s the anti-homosexual message in the deer screwing the male dog, sort of the cross-sexuality=homosexuality claim–but none of the true believers would show such a “horror”.

    It’s too obvious again at the end, as the anatomical, genetic, and temporal parallels of all life are mentioned, because to the “real creationist,” that’s all due to “the common designer,” or more sensibly, the common imitator. It’s perhaps the weakest portion anyhow, because it’s being done with a bunch of diagrams which do categorize information in the only meaningful way, but which your average fundy never did understand, whether through ignorance or through bigotry.

    Glen D

  24. says

    Boo! I thought that the DNA sequences were some clever joke, where they’d code the same protein sequences, but they don’t.

    Me too! I went back and paused it while I checked if they were complements, or reverse complements. Nope. (That’s what I would have done. Except I might have used U’s instead of T’s in one of them just to drive the point home.)

  25. W. Kevin Vicklund says

    I knew it was parody when it showed that the guy had defaced his Bible by underlining a passage ;)

    No, they actually do this. The second time my fundie grandmother caught me reading books about dinosaurs, she made me sit down and highlight every place in the Bible where Jesus spoke. Because of her, I’ve been a foot-soldier in the evolution-creation wars since I was five. On the evolution side, of course.

  26. Kimbits says

    Times like this when, in a YouTube video, I see, briefly, a paper I’ve read on venom system evolution in reptiles and I exclaim, loudly, “HOT!” I really know that I must be pursuing the right field.

    I think I’ll go do some studying.


  27. says

    At first I thought it was a satire, sat all the way through it and when I saw it was a Current piece, I knew he was serious. Delusional, stupid and foolish, but serious.

    Ed Current is about the best argument against creationism we could ever hope for.

  28. Jan Chan says

    Hey, let’s be fair, it’s quite difficult to tell apart creationist satire from the real thing. Creationists’ arguments are well known for their ability to make your head spin while listening to them. (My first hint was the DNA part, but come on, creationists might screw things up so badly that you feel dumber listening to their arguments.)

  29. Jim Thomerson says

    This bothers me. If I am created in God’s image, then God is somewhat like me, right? Then why doesn’t God put down lightning strikes on people who lie and do other bad things in his name? I think I would do so if I could.