Tune in Sunday morning

Remember—every Sunday at 9am, you Minnesotans (and clever others) can listen to the Minnesota Atheists radio program on Air America. Tune in tomorrow — it’s especially important since I’ve heard that Air America has actually already lost one advertiser because they had the gall to actually allow atheists to broadcast on their show. We’ll have to demonstrate that the program can get a strong audience, so listen in, call in, and if you have a business that you advertise on the radio, think about buying some time on the show. And if you’re in the area, patronize the businesses that are open-minded enough to advertise there (I noticed that the Q. Cumbers restaurant was one such advertiser — try it sometime).

By the way, we’re revamping the format a little. My “Moment of Science” got cut short last week, so the new idea is to give it a whole 10 minutes every two weeks, instead of 2-4 minutes every week. So I won’t be on tomorrow — listen anyway — but August Berkshire and I will have a more substantial conversation next week, on resources for people interested in learning about evolution.

Also, Minnesota Atheists will be meeting tomorrow afternoon at the Roseville Public Library, to hear Jen Tudor discuss Sex Across the Curriculum, where you’ll get to hear about “politics, pleasure, queer identity, lubrication, masturbation, and religion.” I wish I could go, but it’s -10°F right now and expected to drop down to -25°F tonight, so traveling is to be avoided…and there’s also this nagging nuisance of a new semester starting on Tuesday.


  1. Sandy Cariello says

    Just discovered this blog and I am so excited!!! Will definitely be checking out the program on Air America tomorrow since I am here in St. Paul.

  2. says

    I wish I could go, but it’s -10°F right now and expected to drop down to -25°F tonight, so traveling is to be avoided

    I was talking to the folks tonight, mentioning that we weren’t supposed to get above freezing tomorrow (almost all the snow from earlier this week is gone), and mom said, “We’re not supposed to get above zero tomorrow.”

    I do not miss winter in Minnesota.

  3. Chris R. says

    And if you’re in the area, patronize the businesses that are open-minded enough to advertise there

    I assume you mean the “be nice and give them money” form of ‘patronize’ there :)

  4. savagemickey says

    PZ- Thanks for the plug. I feel very honored to be a sponsor of a program featuring such high caliber scientists/atheists as yourself and Richard Dawkins. Now if only I could figure out how to translate some of your worldwide following into actual revenue for my restaurant. If only a click on the link you provided would equal one meal. Well, I suppose there is the American Atheist’s conference in Minneapolis this spring, and Q.Cumbers is conveniently located by a lot of great hotels.

  5. Robin says

    Hey, I’ve been to Q. Cumber’s a few times. Very nice joint; good food, fair price. It’s a bit off the beaten path for the significant other and myself. but now that I know you’re an atheist–and an Air America advertiser–I’ll make a point of visiting more often.

  6. says

    I was looking for a link at Q.Cumbers to buy a gift certificate and send to PZ, since I don’t live anywhere near subzero. I would like to donate a pickle for the cause.

  7. Dahan says

    “Bleguh! Mine started 2 weeks ago! Damn UK!”

    Well, It’s not just there, even here in Minnesota we’re not all as lucky as PZ. I’m on a quarter system. I started last week.

  8. Raynfala says

    Who was the advertiser that pulled out? Maybe we should make it a point to not patronize that establishment?

  9. savagemickey says

    David Robison- Sorry- I don’t have the e-commerce thing set up with the website. Not to worry though, I plan on sending PZ a couple of passes so that he can check it out the next time that he is passing through the big city. We don’t serve beer, so that’s probably the only way that I could get him in here anyway. As far as a listening room @ Q.Cumbers- The Air America program is on at 9am on Sundays and we open at 10 for brunch, but as it says in my commercial- you get a discount if you bring in your church bulletin……, or MN Atheist newsletter. So come on in afterwards. I have had several Atheist Talk listeners come in and make it known that they are freethinkers and heard my commercial. Hmmm… maybe there’s something to this advertising thing.

  10. Casey says

    All I want to know is, what is on that guy’s head in the banner pic of the MN Atheist site? Could we maybe tuck that guy away somewhere comfortable and warm enough that he doesn’t need an ugly hat-wig?

  11. says

    Thanks for the reminder. I’m listening from Mississippi right now. I really like what I’m hearing, and I hope the show ends up being a great success. I wish there were shows like this in my area. Then again, I’d probably settle for just having more people like this in my area!

  12. says

    Casey –

    The guy with the wig in the banner was playing the character of Abraham in his skit for the Freethought Follies back in December. This was the group photo after the program. The wig was just a prop.

    When people are listening, I have posted the lasted version of The Carnival of the Godless”. Perhaps you should listen and then read.

  13. silchan says

    You can’t listen to the show unless you live in Minnesota on their website. However, to prove you live in Minnesota, they ask for your zip code. Because no one on the internet ever lies…

    They need slightly better security…

  14. Ryan S. says

    Because no one on the internet ever lies…

    My sister goes to school in MN. That count’s doesn’t it.

  15. troy_mclure says

    Hang on. Why is the show on at 9am on a Sunday? It is my right as an atheist in Minnesota to sleep off my hangover guiltlessly on a Sunday morning.

  16. says

    If you are going to take calls, then please please please get a call screening process to weed out the ramblers who have no actual questions or coherent point. It’s a real turn off on these sorts of shows.

  17. says

    I know what you mean. That one pretentious ass who took up so much time with his prissy little questions was clearly trolling — he wasn’t looking for answers.

  18. AllanW says

    Well, congrats again on the show. The guest was entertaining and I hope you all have a great time this afternoon at her show.

    The obvious troll with the polite but vacuous philosophical questions hung the show up a little. I know you guys want to be fair, nice and show atheists are pleasant people but sometimes it’s a real turn-on for the listeners to call prats like him on it. “Yeah. We answered that, man. And if you really have a hard time understanding it then we can suggest a few places to read up more but if, as I suspect, your a religious troll then crawl back under your bridge and cuddle up to your ignorance for warmth.” is the kind of response that I would back.

    Plus (and it’s just cos I’m childish and from this side of the pond) I cracked-up everytime the Humanist advert came on and mentioned ‘West Minihaha way’. heeheehee.

  19. says

    “Dennis” wasn’t polite, he was a menace. I think he got offended because I implied (by using the word “you” in the vernacular) that he was informed about comparative religion? Whatever.

    It surprises you when that happens, and you don’t react right away – but I’ve a had lot of people tell me how much he sounded like an ass.