The conspiracy is exposed!

Uh-oh. Those liberal artsie literature types at Crooked Timber, led by the wicked John Holbo, have revealed the breadth of the alliance. Oh, yeah, you’re used to the god-hating shenanigans of the evilutionists, but now Holbo has gone and engaged in the War on Christmas™ and disclosed himself as a lackey to one of the Icons of Evolution™, all at once. How has he done this?

He has made Christmas cards.

Using the artwork of Ernst Haeckel.

And he even photoshopped in extra tentacles.

And he’s planning to sell thong underwear with some particularly tentacly images.

He has outdone me. I might as well just retire now, and turn the keys to Pharyngula over to Holbo. I’ll never be able to top that.


  1. David Wilford says

    Fredericks of Haeckelwood!

    I don’t doubt that some of this is going to end up being eventually featured as a tat on Carl Zimmer’s blog.