Craft ideas for squidmas!

For those of you who just like your cephalopods natural, here’s a plush cuttlefish. It’s cute and cuddly, and I wouldn’t mind having one to snuggle up with.

On the other hand, if you like your cephalopods unnatural, you could carry out perverse and disturbing acts on ordinary stuffed animals, turning them into chthonic entities with alien properties.

They’re all fun, and all part of a happy squidmas celebration!


  1. says

    I was going to suggest the scabies mite from Giant Microbes as being particularly cute, but they seem to have discontinued this one. The flea and bedbug are pretty good, though.

  2. Eric says

    Woohoo! My link made it on Pharyngula!

    The Morbid Tendencies site has a ton of other stuff too – I’ve given a couple of FrankenCritters to people as gifts before (like Rupert), but I’m definitely requesting a Cthonian for one of my friends this Christmas.

  3. shiftlessbum says

    Hey Cuttlefish!

    Can we prevail upon you to pen a Squidmas carol? It would be nice to supplant the Xmas carol ear worms that infest my days until this benighted holiday is past with one celebrating cepholopods.