Washington DC meetup!

Hey, everyone, I said I was going to be in Washington DC this weekend, with the notorious Phil Plait. We’ve compared notes and figured out our schedules, and are ready to announce a time and place for a general meetup: 9pm, Saturday, 10 November at the Senators Sports Bar at Holiday Inn on the Hill (here’s a map). There may be some other infamous bloggers on hand, too — we’ll invite them, but well, you know, this is going to be a gathering of High Nerddom, and it may be a bit intimidating to normal people.

Now go vote for Bad Astronomy for Best Science Blog. He’s behind that front for denialists blog, and this is the last day…help him out! If he doesn’t win, everyone will have to buy lots of Bubble Me Blue martinis to console him.


  1. Clare says

    Yes, I’ve been unable to get to the site several times also. But I managed to this morning, and Bad Astronomy is running second, so everyone better hop in fast and vote!

  2. Theo Richel says

    Can you please tell me what exactly it is that McIntyre DENIES and please with references to quotes from his site.
    Many thanks,


  3. Gobear says

    AAARGH!! Why, oh, why, oh WHY does this have to be the same night that I’m required to attend a family event? Dang, dang, dang! I would love to meet both you and Phil, and now it isn’t going to happen!

    And how on earth is a denialist blog even in the same category as Bad Astronomy?

  4. iconoclast says

    Anyone who claims Climate Audit is a “denialist” site has obviously never bothered to have a look at it.

    Steve McIntyre the blog owner supports the idea of global warming he’s just just questioning some of the science – and rightly so.

    Have a look for yourself and leave politics out of it.

  5. Peter M. says

    I shall try to be there in DC, assuming I’m recovered sufficiently from having my gall bladder out yesterday.

  6. caynazzo says

    So what are we supposed to bring for Myers to autograph? I have a squid t-shirt and a z-fish poster but that’s about it.

  7. Theo Richel says

    Shawn: Vomit, why? All Steve McIntyre does is checking other peoples figures. Does the General Accounting Office make you vomit as well? Or is climate science excluded from scrutiny?
    If you are so against him why not fight him then? Show him his calculations are wrong, isnt that the scientific way?

  8. Ragu says

    PZ, I hate it when you sound like such a sore loser! If you disagree with another blogger, why not challenge him to a one on one podcast or other debate forum? Ad hominems cast you in a bad light, make you look small.

    We expect that sort of thing from the peanut gallery, but not from you. Thanks.

  9. Theo Richel says

    Right! Debate, open confrontation, transparancy. TYhat is the only way to get to the truth, not by shouting from the sideline.
    And my question still stand: what does McIntyre DENY?

  10. Michelle says

    That’s such a shame. BA’s more than a thousand votes behind right now.

    It’s a shame that pitiful whiners are gonna win. I don’t care about the climate debate – they’ve been behaving like little offended virgins and I hate that.

  11. Michel says

    Next thing you know, the little offended virgins will be demanding reparations! Pitiful whiners!

  12. Theo Richel says

    Michelle, I’d wish you would be more clear, WHY offended virgins, why pitiful whiners?

  13. Pat Frank says

    “He’s behind that front for denialists blog”

    It’s impressive to see someone who presents a science-nerd front descend into delusional politics on a scientific subject.

    ClimateAudit is not a ‘denialist front.’ Using that pejorative is ipso facto a demonstration of prejudice.

  14. Jewel says

    Saturday night. Cool. I hope we can make it because it would be great to be able to meet the both of you.

  15. Dustin says

    It’s impressive to see someone who presents a science-nerd front descend into delusional politics on a scientific subject.

    Actually, it’s far worse than that… he’s running a science-nerd front and commenting on bad science! He doesn’t even have the decency to inject politics into the discussion for the pundits to scream about! For shame, PZ.

    Using that pejorative is ipso facto a demonstration of prejudice.

    Is there a Dinesh D’Souza or William F. Buckley, Jr. cloning program that I didn’t hear about? I wouldn’t ask, it’s just that the number of self-important, disingenuous and pretentious assholes infesting the comments has been higher than usual lately.

    Ahh well… it isn’t anything that a good fumigation can’t fix.

  16. Mark says

    PZ, did you and Phil get my restaurant recommendation for calamari and grilled octopus? You’re actually on the other side of the Hill from it, but it’s still not too far.

    There are also 2 decent “Irish pubs” near your place.

  17. says

    Yes, I got it.

    I may go there Friday. You know, I get in the day before Phil, and will be hanging about around the hotel that evening — if people can’t make it Saturday but want to meet Friday, we could probably arrange a Phil-less meetup.

  18. Dustin says

    “We could probably arrange a Phil-less meetup,” PZ said as he turned on his cement mixer.

  19. Ross Nixon says

    Hooray for ClimateAudit.
    It’s time for science to reassert itself over socialist pseudoscience.

  20. says

    Oh crap… I haven’t been by here in at least a couple of weeks to read. If I had known I could have added 5 more votes to that tally. I will not go so far as to say I wasted my votes on your blog. But…

  21. minimalist says

    Hahahaha, “socialist,” oh lordy.

    But the denialists don’t have an agenda, nope nope. This is purely non-ideological.

    And intelligent design is all about the science, too.

  22. Dustin says

    It’s time for science to reassert itself over socialist pseudoscience.

    GE makes about $30k a pop on its solar power systems, fuckhead.

  23. says

    I’m so glad to see campaign posts for votes for Climate Audit appearing on
    theologyonline.com… I mean, it obviously has SO much to do with science! *roll eyes* (The post itself is oh-so-concerned about the science issues, too. lol Basically, “Vote for CA because he’s a nice guy, and PZ and BAB are anti-Christian!”)

    I’m also amused at one of the descriptions given to Pharyngula that I read while browsing around elsewhere: “…an anti-Christian blog occassionally (sic) dedicated to biology…”

    Yeah, ok. Suuure.

    Unfortunately, people are stuffing the ballot box on both sides (for which I found explicit admission-posts on both sides). Oh well… sit back and enjoy the farce.

    I wish the whole thing hadn’t turned into a wide-spread campaign, though (e.g., here, here, and here, amongst others).

    Incidentally, I’ve been tracking the data since 10am, Pacific. BAB’s votes have been growing at quite a consistent rate (roughly 25 votes/min, with some variation, of course; but, mostly between 20 and 30/min). CA’s votes are all over the place. During one 15min period, it received 1709 votes [about 114/min]; during the VERY NEXT 15min period, 61 votes [4/min] (and the next 15mins, 105 votes [7/min]). Something fishy is going on.

  24. Dustin says

    I’m a martini purist so I was afraid to ask what a bubble me blue martini was. I was thinking that I wouldn’t be averse to a cocktail made of vodka and blue curacao and, sure enough, that’s what a Bubble Me Blue “martini” is.

    Other drinks that might be of interest to the Bubble Me Blue “martini” are the Blue Shark and the oasis (which is two measures of vodka, a half measure of the blue shit, and club soda on cracked ice in a highball glass).

    It’s funny, I picked up a bottle of the blue stuff and some stoli for some weekend boozing just now.

  25. wildlifer says

    Anyone who claims Climate Audit is a “denialist” site has obviously never bothered to have a look at it.

    I’ve been to CA. I’ve posted at CA. CA is a denialist website.

  26. Michelle Rochon says

    I… um… It’s a TIE? With a flush 20,000 each? Please please please tell me, what are the odds?