But what about a Post-Republican reality?

Perhaps you are interested in knowing how to survive the end of civilization in an alternate universe. Or perhaps you’d like to know how to take advantage of the apocalypse to shape this universe into an alternate reality. Then you are part of the rarefied market for A SteamPunk’s Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse. There are actually some useful suggestions in there for any cultural upheaval.

(via Our Descent Into Madness)


  1. Christian Burnham says

    Ooh! There’s a nice Alan Moore interview inside as well.

    Looks like a cool magazine. The artwork is superb. Wish I had time to read it.

  2. Bob L says

    What would be a Steam Punk Apocalypse? Someone drops the Ether Bomb? Crass Yankee commercialism causes the collapse of decent manners? Tentacled, blood sucking Martians invade with their war tripods and heat rays?

  3. Christian Burnham says

    A steam-punk apocalypse describes this country in which it’s impossible to get a good cup of tea, because they don’t use BOILING water- only very hot water.

    No steam- I go punk.

  4. William says

    Speaking of a post-Republican reality, it’s me again with the Drexel debate-question issue. Got a couple of options listed here; if you’re interested in the intersection of science and the US Presidential election, one of these might catch your eye. I’ll be submitting one or two if I can, and a second opinion on which is best is always helpful.

  5. Demeus says

    I’m glad that this magazine is getting some recognition, there have been some interesting articles in past editions, such as how to do electrolytic etching. Just don’t blow yourselves up trying…