Hey, Metropolitan Minnesota residents!

I just got word that there will be a vigil outside Michele Bachmann‘s Woodbury office, tonight at 7, with students coming in by bus from SCSU. This is to protest her opposition to SCHIP and, I presume, her support for the war. You’ve still got time to join them!

Her office is at 6043 Hudson Rd, Suite 330,
Woodbury, MN 55125. Give her lots of grief.


  1. Dustin says

    You’ve still got time to join them!

    Yes, but I’m not sure I have enough garlic or holy water.

  2. Janine says

    Silly Designer, I thought this was more funny;

    The new face of fascism: pluralism

    Though the entire thread is very funny, especially the bits about Galileo.

  3. says

    Dustin, you big silly. Just fill a bottle from the tap and say it’s holy water. Not like they can tell the difference or anything.

  4. yoshi says

    That would mean going to Woodbury and protesting Bachmann is not a good enough reason to go there – even tho I was born and raised there. Yet another poorly planned desolate suburb.

  5. Mena says

    Silly Designer and Janine, the first one was my favorite:
    We need to start offering political assylum to Europeans.
    Assylum? They want to make sure that those unenlightened Europeans get Fox News? Would the wannabes who seem to love to perform the ever-popular fake outrage script be ass-simulated? Damn, I have been hanging out with the husband and brother-in-law too much. They love puns!

  6. Janine says

    Oh my! I do not want any arguments over what is the funniest bit of stupidity. Too many gems to be enjoyed!

  7. Dahan says

    Well, that sure was painful. I had never bothered to actually go over to “Uncommon Descent” before. I wish I hadn’t. Ignorance on that level should be lethal.

  8. Ric says

    Yeah, he was good, but what’s up with his constant comments about how he can’t get an erection?

  9. Janine says

    It should be but it isn’t. With stuff like take, I swing back and forth between being amused and being horrified. Today, I am amused. HA-HA. They think we want to shot Dembski in the head. Because darwinists are the moral equivalent to communism/fascism. Pure gold.

    Darwinists are getting desperate.

    Project much?

  10. Dirk Diggler says

    Good. Glad you guys are giving Represenative Bachmann the business. The Senate has a veto proof majority to override the President’s veto, but the house is still about 20 votes short.

  11. says

    Well, that sure was painful. I had never bothered to actually go over to “Uncommon Descent” before. I wish I hadn’t. Ignorance on that level should be lethal.

    To irony-meters, it is.

    My favourite (although it is hard) is this:

    (It would be like the Scopes trial all over again, only this one wouldn’t be a rigged show trial.)

    What was the verdict, again?


  12. Alaric Myers says

    This Event was quite a success even though Bachman was not in her office at the time. We had about 200 people show up and there were plenty of people taking pictures and there were folks with video camras so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some videos up on youtube of this.
    Unfortunately all this bad publicity over her stance in Iraq this summer and now SCHIP hasn’t seems to have hurt Bachman in fundraising. She raised $311,041 in contributions from July through September which was just shy $1 of the congressional candidate, Tim Walz who is leading the fundraising so far in MN.
    Of the Candidates in the Democratic primary intending to run against her Bob Olsen only raised $31,000 and Tinklenberg just had his announcent speech (At the DFL office in St. Cloud) the other week and has yet to file any numbers.
    Last Year the Bachman Wetterling race was the most expensive congressional race in the United States and with a jerrymandered district around the pro-life issue It looks like whoever gets the primary nomination is going to have a tough time with those single issue voters even though Bachman has proven herself a failure time and time again.