Any masochists out there?

Some fellow calling himself “homersimpson123” (who thinks he is doing the world a service) has uploaded all of the Kent Hovind DVDs to bittorrent, as well as the horrendous gemisch he uses in his presentations. Since Hovind is rotting in jail for a good long while, this is your chance to torture yourself with some truly awful nonsense.

(hat tip to DaveX)


  1. says

    Meanwhile, the series “Evolution” for PBS remains unwatched by the scientifically unwashed.

    Oh, drat. Then there is this news from Cartoon Brew — Ken Ham’s museum has a slick ad. Virtuous faithful will pray that the Museum runs out of money to run it. Here’s the link — even the cartoonists worry about the morality of cartooning for cretionism, in the comments:

  2. craig says

    The Hovind stuff has been posted on the usenet binaries groups repeatedly… also Ken Ham stuff.

    Alt.binaries.multimedia.documentaries and alt.binaries.documentaries are pretty much flooded with all manner of insane BS videos, from creationist stuff to UFO videos to Kent Jones and various other new world order conspiracy crap.

  3. MartinC says

    Its been on YouTube for years, hasn’t it ?
    Thats where I first saw it (I haven’t looked at them all, you only need to see one of them to know whats in the rest).

  4. Steve_C says

    I’ve watched one of his “debates” with Shermer.

    That was enough.

    Shermer makes a good effort. BUt Hovind just spouts so much nonsense he doesn’t even know where to go. He basically uses the “that’s not science” and picks apart some of the most common creationist lies. Also I think he uses there’s no rabbits or any other modern mammal in the fossil record with dinosaurs.

  5. says

    If anyone wants to torture himself and download these, here’s a demonoid invite code


  6. says

    Does anyone else love the fact that below the description of god using hovind to get his word to the masses, we get this link

    Hot Girls! Rate the girls in this best amateur contest!

    Plus an ad for Harry Potter?

  7. Horst from Stuttgart says

    I didn’t know there is the word “Gemisch” (german for “mixture”) in english. Learning stuff rocks!

  8. Nix says

    Gemisch is not an English word in any way, shape, or form (compare to, say, schadenfreude, which can by now be considered a borrowing into English from German).

    (I suspect it’s got into a lot of people’s vocabularies by way of Yiddish, though.)

  9. JohnnieCanuck, FCD says

    Wonderful. Thanks Karen, especially for this:

    “Scientists have theorized that T-rex could probably breathe fire.”

    So Adam’s family could have used the king of the tyrant lizards to start camp fires as well as open coconuts for them.

    It’s so wrong of me to laugh at people who suffered religious abuse like this. Unfortunately they are doing it to their own children, too.

  10. anonymity says

    actually, I know quite a few masochists.

    What their kink has in common, is either an ability to eroticise pain, or an ability to transmute pain into spiritual experience.

    I shudder to think of what it would be like to try to eroticise one of Hovind’s rants – or of who the person who could do so would have to be. And I can’t personally imagine anything further from spiritual experience than Hovind’s brand of religious tripe.

  11. says

    At least he has his name right, because his namesake once said something right out of the creationist playbook:

    “Facts are meaningless. You could use facts to prove anything that’s even remotely true.” – Homer Simpson

  12. JohnnieCanuck, FCD says

    I found this at the CSE ‘rotting in jail’ link above. Anyone know if it is not just random stupidity?

    10:00 – 10:40 Relaxed in dorm reading and writing and drinking my three-times-a-week coffee — and I know about that causing babies to be born naked!

    Makes me think of that Naked Ape book by Desmond Morris that I once read.

  13. says

    Bletch! Karen, er, “thanks” for that… my b.s.-detector, irony meter, last-resort failsafe “WTF??!???” circuit, and several other parts I didn’t even know I had and am not certain what they did have all just not only fused, shorted out in a storm of sparks, and gone supernova, but are now melting their way through the disk. Great A’Tuin and the elephants are gonna have a nasty surprise in a few moments…! Please tell me those aren’t real…l please… er, hello? Hello…?

  14. says

    Hovind has always said his material was “not copyrighted”, trying to facilitate spreading his material. A colleague (Jennifer Urban) and I thought it would be a great idea to take his videos & annotate them, either with scientific accuracy or parody ….

  15. PeteK says

    LARA: Good idea. Turn them into anti-creationist material, using his slick, convincing-sounding style. Is it really masochistic though? Isn’t it humourous, doubly so that anyone takes it seriously?

  16. Steve_C says

    There are some youtube smackdowns of Hovind out there.

    They use his video and then point out the lies and flaws in logic.