It really isn’t that kind of book

Leave it to Susie Bright to connect a review of a spectacular book about deep sea organisms to sex toys.

I’m going to get the book myself, but now I’m going to have a whole ‘nother view of its contents. Oh, wait…actually, maybe not.


  1. smadin says

    You know, it’s sort of strange seeing Susie Bright linking to an article that quotes my dad. Actually, the NYT doesn’t give individual photographer credits in that slideshow, so I’m not sure, but I think the siphonophore picture might be his.

  2. Mike says

    I got The Deep recently and guarantee you won’t be disappointed. It has a huge ‘Wow!’ density and plenty of sights that are nigh on outright unbelievable.

  3. Mike says


    If your father did some of the pics in The Deep, please pass on my thanks for his part in a work of awe, wonder and majesty.

  4. Dawn says

    PZ…I read Susie’s post last night and wondered when you would mention it. Makes me want to run out and buy the book for many reasons now. You have turned me on to the creatures of the deep and now Susie has piqued my curiousity.

  5. smadin says

    Mike, I’ve checked, and I don’t think there are any of his photos in there after all; the book uses pretty much only photos from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute’s robotic submersible. Ah well.