Kings of Camouflage

NOVA is going to be showing a program on the cuttlefish Tuesday evening, 3 April — it’s called Kings of Camouflage, and the website for it is also very well done, with nice illustrations of anatomy and behavior, and one excellent clip of color changes. I’m definitely going to tune in, check it out!


  1. Paguroidea says

    I really like the cuttlefish anatomy interactive on the Nova site. Now I’ll have to watch the program. Thanks for the post.

  2. Randy says

    I’ll have you know that a friend at work returned from a week long scuba trip this week and was showing me her underwater photos. A photo of a cuttlefish came up and she had labeled it “squid.” Now, personally, I much prefer the cuttlefish to squid, so I could not let this pass. She had never heard of cuttlefish, and she is a master dive instructor!

    So this program is timely in my little world. I showed her some uTube videos of cuttlefish and in the process came upon the trailer for this program. Now, we both get to enjoy the cuttlefish experience. If I were a biologist I’d obsess over cuttlefish.

  3. Gerry says

    Yep, looks like the Brainy Bunch. Highly recommended. I want to be a cuttlefish in my next life.

  4. Faithful Reader says

    Also “Encountering Sea Monsters”
    Sunday, April 8 on


    The underwater world of cephalopods (octopuses and squid) is explored by cameraman Bob Cranston, who observes the creatures in waters off Indonesia, Australia, Mexico, British Columbia and Texas.

  5. David says

    I used to catch these guys when I was a kid in South Australia. Makes me feel guilty now.
    I’ve been diving in SA and had them follow me around and even had a large one attch itself to my fin. Not sure if he was trying to eat it or mate with it.
    Either way they are amazing to watch.

  6. Ian H Spedding FCD says

    I still can’t find an explanation of how these extraordinary creatures are able to adjust their skin coloration and texture to match the local background. According to what I read, they’re colour-blind so it doesn’t sound like they simply scan the area visually and some how translate that information into commands for skin colour and texture.

  7. Osakaguy says

    I just saw it. It was extremely interesting. The cuttle fish are like aliens. Truly amazing. It’s a shame evil humans and dolphins eat the poor cuties.