Café Scientifique next Tuesday

I was on the radio again this morning, this time to announce the upcoming Café Scientifique here in Morris, which was also announced on the university web page. Did you happen to tune in? Are you coming?

It’s going to be a fun one. The chemistry discipline will be putting on a show, with discussions and demonstrations of household chemistry.

Café Scientifique: Chemistry Style

A presentation by Joe Alia, Nancy Carpenter, Jenn Goodnough, Troy Goodnough, Ted Pappenfus and Jim Togeas.

Household Chemistry

Joe Alia: Joe’ll tell us what’s cooking in chemistry with the chemistry of spices.

Nancy Carpenter: What’s that smell?? Nancy tells us how chemistry is responsible for fragrances.

Jenn Goodnough: The chemistry of water. What does your water softener, RO system, Brita filter really do? What is the difference between deionized and distilled water?

Troy Goodnough: A brief discussion of some of the greatest chemistry advances, referencing the book Napoleon’s Buttons. Better living through chemistry…

Ted Pappenfus: The chemistry of beverages. Just try to make beer without chemistry. And where would your coffee be without caffeine?

Jim Togeas: From the realm of “don’t try this at home,” Jim will fill us in on some of his favorite experiments that were done throughout history.

Plus we’ll do a few demos and answer household chemistry questions from the audience.

That will be next Tuesday, 30 January, at 6:00 in the Common Cup Coffeehouse on Atlantic Avenue in downtown Morris. See? Now I’ve given you several days notice, plenty of time to get here, so even you readers in Addis Ababa and Alice Springs don’t have any excuse for failing to show up.


  1. Andrew says

    …so even you readers in Addis Ababa and Alice Springs…

    I resent the comparison of Addis Ababa to Alice Springs. For one, Alice Springs has a big rock nearby. Second; dingos.

  2. Suezboo says

    Sir, excuse me , Sir, I can’t make it Tuesdays.Laundry Day. Sounds like fun though. Enjoy.

    Suez in SAfrica.

  3. bernarda says

    Perhaps here is a future subject for the Café: teaching math.

    Teaching different algorithms is a rather good idea, but downgrading the simplest one and encouraging the use of calculators is not really teaching basic math.