1. Kent says

    It would appear that you, Pharyngula, are the source of all the squid blogging mayhem going on in my blog sources. I have noticed with alarm that sources widely spaced in my blogosphere (namely, you and Bruce Schneier, a security expert) blog regularly about squids and octopi. Then there is cephalopodmas, an insidious meme that you apparently designed to spread your cephalomania more widely.

    How did this nightmare begin? Is it really a disease of the mind or a harmless obsession with a cuddly creature worthy of regular attention? Google seems to point all things cephalopodly back toward you. That and your recently engineered web award all seem part of a scheme to spread cephalomania throughout the world-that-matters (the blogosphere). Is this true? Oh, woe, say it isn’t so!!

  2. says


    My minions are tracing your IP as we speak. If damp, dark, hooded figures reeking of kelp appear at your house tonight, go with peacefully and obey their orders. You will be returned unharmed after the larvae have been implanted.

  3. Steff Z says

    Yep. Cuddly.

    The marine-bio educators have started pushing people to call starfish “sea stars,” and jellyfish “sea jellies,” because — news flash — they’re not fish.

    Well, cephalopods of the genus Sepia and their ilk are not fish either. Logically, I’ve started calling them “sea cuddles.” Out loud. During my weekly volunteer shifts at our fine local public aquarium. To the vistors.

    (If I called them “sea cuttles,” more properly, it would sound exactly the same, and make less sense.)

    The remaining two (ancient) cuddly ones at the aquarium have laid a few viable eggs, and a very few have hatched.
    Hatched. into 4-mm cuttlefish.
    Teh cute! Cuddly.