Server update

We’ve been warned that there will be some server improvements made this evening, for the next few hours. You should still be able to see everything, but there may be commenting glitches while the upgrade is going on. Have no fear, we’re supposed to bounce back smoother and faster tomorrow.


  1. MikeG says

    sorry, completely off topic. Just a warning that Deepak is on the Colbert Report tonight.
    Resume the thread…

  2. says

    Well, I certainly hope you’re going to be up and running as smoothly as ever, if not better. Tomorrow is the big Carl Sagan memorial and blog-a-thon. You don’t want to miss that!

  3. quork says

    Strib editorial backs evolution

    Editorial: Evolution, creation aren’t on same plane
    Opinions on grandma’s turkey recipe may have equal validity. But evolution isn’t an opinion; it’s a scientific theory, backed up by decade upon decade of increasingly confirming research. It’s as close to a truth as just about anything gets.

    Yes, it works.

  4. quork says

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