1. Stwriley says

    By the way, PZ, just thought you’d like to know that the New Jersey State Aquarium in Camden is running a holiday theme that’s also likely to please you…


    The homepage is here.
    They’re even open on Fishmas day!

  2. Dustin says

    Personally, I think this modern assault on traditional values is nauseating. There was a time when I could hang my disemboweled enemies from a sacrificial oak tree as a feast for the ravens.

    Stupid Boniface and his war on Yuletide.

  3. Ichthyic says


    both of the essays are horrid little bits of minsinformation and misinterpretation, is that what you wanted to point out?

    what’s really funny is the first author complains about Dawkins berrating Haggard, even as they point out concurrently Haggard’s most recent public failings.

    If so, well done. If not, why don’t you explain yourself.

  4. J Bean says

    One of my neighbors seems to be sporting a red, satanist pentagram. It’s got two points up vs. a Wiccan pentagram which would have one point up. The Wiccan delusions are quite pleasant, but I’m not at all happy living near a satan worshiper.