1. SEF says

    I had trouble working out which one was meant to be you, PZ. Wilkins was easy, without even needing to double-check his blog. After going over all the faces in the picture several times and coming back here, I see my best guess matches someone else’s comment – about having a Charles Darwin (probably!) on your shoulder. I have no idea what the figure on the other shoulder was meant to be though. A red devil?

  2. Dustin says

    The other thing is a cephalopod, or possibly a miniature version of one of the Great Old Ones.

  3. Bill the Splut says

    I was wondering if the debut of the Pharyngula column in this month’s issue explained all the 2-page spreads of jellyfish photos…

  4. says

    I swear, I am not a Seed plant. But this whole issue was really well-done. I enjoyed the cavefish column as well.

    And the squid/Darwin dichotomy was pretty much how I always figured your angel/devil dichotomy worked…

  5. says

    As someone who sees you on a regular basis, I had a devil (hoo-dee-hoo-dee-hoo) of a time finding you even though you were front and center. The change in facial hair completely threw me. Love the shoulder companions, though!