1. Christian Burnham says

    No- that’s not a caricature.

    A good caricature should be insulting and it should hideously distort your worst features into an obscene parody of a human being.

    If anything- that picture makes you look like a nice person.

    Let’s put the grotesque back into art shall we? After all, ’tis the season to stab loved ones in the back.

  2. Christian Burnham says

    Oh- and Carl, you’re very talented. Don’t mistake my misanthropy for criticism of your technique.

    Just use your powers for bad in the future OK?

  3. Caledonian says

    It’s a very nice picture, but as others have noted, it’s not much of a caricature. There really aren’t any distortions, except for a very minor emphasis on the lower half of the face and a de-emphasis on the top half.

    I mean, really, is that a visage that will strike fear in the hearts of creationists? Something a little more Davy Jones-y might suffice.

  4. Scott Hatfield says

    *random racket*

    Gosh, PZ. Mr. Buell makes you look almost….saintly. My vast army of undead android creationist-squirrel hybrids all genuflected when they saw it. At least I think they were genuflecting. There were a lot of chittering sounds, that’s for sure. But you know, like they say, they *are* nuts.

    Two drawings in one day, that’s gotta make a fella’s head swell a fraction. What next, Leroy Neiman?

    Oh, wait, I forgot. All Neiman’s pictures of celebs seem to look the same anyway. For all I know, you’ve already been immortalized. For that matter, I may be famous, too.
    Hmmm. I seem to be channelling Andy Warhol today….SH

  5. Rey Fox says

    If it was a caricature, he’d have a huge head, a huge nose, and would be driving a dune buggy.

  6. SEF says

    A good caricature should be insulting and it should hideously distort your worst features into an obscene parody of a human being.

    Exactly. He looks like a human. How much more hideous and grotesque could anything get! :-D

  7. Hank Fox says

    PZ, I’m picturing this hanging on your office door, with a caption:

    “So I look like a nice guy. I still get to decide your grade.”

  8. says

    Christian and Caledonian: I haven’t done this in a long time. You should have seen my Nixon and Kissinger back when I actually did cartoons for newspapers 40 years ago. PZ did something for me that I wanted to thank him for, so I hid the tentacles beneath the shirt and tie! Next year, all the flaws will show…ya gotta bait’em in with “nice”. A better (larger) photo would have helped too.

    Scott: Damn! I can’t get the vision of “undead android creationist-squirrel hybrids” out of my mind!

    John Wilkins: Absolutely! I’m very good at morphing white gorillas.

  9. Scott Hatfield says

    Carl: Your work is fantastic. What a treat it would be to see an artistic rendering of my vast undead army by your hand!

    However, I must give credit where credit is due. My creationist-squirrel hybrids were but a response to PZ’s legions of undead cyborg-squid half-breeds.

    Hmm. I sense a low-budget SciFi Channel production in all of this. Perhaps Bruce Campbell could portray one of the squirrels. Would that be casting *against* type? I think Beau Bridges would make a terrific PZ, for that matter.