The UMM Dancing Elves!


Blame Nic for this…but did you know you can put your face on a dancing elf and make a spectacle of yourself? If you have the guts, click here for the show.

Or if you’d rather, watch Nic dance. All the faculty out here at the University of Minnesota Morris are elfin, as you can see.

Now we just need to get all the scienceblogs people to join in, and we can have an all-dancing scienceblogs review!

This could get disturbing. Here are the latest scienceblogs elves:


  1. Dustin says

    Pfft. I see through your ruse, Myers. This is just a clever act to infiltrate Santa’s workshop so that you can launch your atheistic War on Christmas from the very nerve center of our family values.

  2. llewelly says

    Wow, PZ, if you kicked any higher we could see the squid under your kilt. Oh, nice pecs, too. I can see you’ve been going to the gym, again. Or something.

  3. says

    LMAO! That sure puts paid to the stereotype that all atheists are grumbling, nasty ole curmudgeons who take ourselves too seriously.
    You’re all right, professor, I don’t care what anyone says about ya.

  4. SEF says

    That is very disturbing.

    Anyhow, why not the dancing, singing hamsters (from several years back now!) or a Disneyfied frog chorus? Or muppets?! “Angel” had a funny episode in which the cast were turned into muppets (and Buffy had the funny musical episode). You just need to get famous enough, PZ, or have the right agent …

  5. MJ Memphis says

    After I showed my wife her elven version, she was eager to see if it would work on pets too. It does. My perpetually grumpy tabby cat looks rather disturbing as an elf, though.

  6. says

    1. Afarensis makes a great elf. Perfect for the holidays.

    2. I’m rounding up all my photographs and destroying them before one of my friends or family members elfs me. (Or is it “elves” me?)

  7. says

    PZ – that outfit was made for you! When you shimmied down it was all I could do to contain myself :-).

    If nothing else, I think the lighting on your face is more consistent with the lighting on the clothes. Glad everyone’s enjoying it!