1. Dave Puskala says

    Lighten up, Francis. If the Almighty could create the whole world and squeeze in a substantial siesta in seven days, I think you could overlook a simple little seven chapter elipsis.

  2. DrBadger says

    Looks like I could start quoting the bible like that.
    Let’s see:

    God blesses those who… lie with a man as one lies with a woman.

  3. says

    Or even better:

    “In the begining…(t)he LORD said to Satan…’How can this be?'”

    You can make the Bible say a lot of fun things.

  4. Patrick says

    Oakes used to teach at Regis University in Denver, where I went to college. I had 1 or 2 classes with him. To see him show on scienceblogs is just funny…and sad.

  5. thwaite says

    Tingey, as you suggested I wrote to bceditor and received an interested response, in which he (John Wilson) suggested I submit a letter to be published, up to 500 words. This could cite the blog discussions, tho as he pointed out they’re of very uneven quality. I’ll do this.

    He observed that they’ve reviewed many books “that take Darwinian evolution for granted”, and are open to a variety of views. This is not the DI.