1. khan says

    Cooment on squid from a fundie site:

    However, Jefferts Schori’s assertion that Catholics, Mormons and those with large families have more children simply because they are not “better educated” has provoked criticism from Catholics, who point out that while the Bishop, a former oceanographer who has worked with “octopuses and squids”, advocates a diminishing population for her church, it would not be something she would view as healthy for marine populations of squids and octopi.

  2. Caledonian says

    Squids and octopi aren’t destabilizing ecosystems across the globe while altering climatic patterns. Humanity is the cause of the latest Great Extinction – it’s the equivalent of a massive meteor strike and nearly as bad as the seas turning to seltzer. They’re damn right that she wouldn’t recommend that for cephalopods – cephalopods do not inflict a death curse upon all of creation.

    Some people just need their heads smashed in with a rock.

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    Alas, unsafe abortion is just the tip of the iceberg, almost literally: 11% of ice shows above water; 13% of the deaths associated with childbirth fertility are from unsafe abortion. The death toll per year is staggering: I believe the 585,000 (this Maternal Mortality link) is data from 1998, published in 2000. The latest I’ve seen, 2003 data published last year perhaps, for deaths due to childbirth to 870,000. However, much literature keeps quoting the “over half a million” figure as if a hundred thousand either way didn’t matter much). Maternal mortality in some countries is 1 in 16, compared to 1 in 2800 in developed countries. Oh, that’s per pregnancy. Then there are the ones that don’t die but almost wish they had–dragging a prolapsed uterus around and ostracized because of the incontinence and stench. Now try having six kids. Or eight. Under those circumstances, keeping women from getting contraceptives, safe abortions, and childbed care is nothing short of criminal.

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