1. CCP says

    Creationist…research program…*does not compute*
    Actually wasn’t this more a creationist-caricature-of-a-valid-proof-of-evolution research program quashed?

  2. Richard Harris, FCD says

    A cat giving birth to a dog? I know dogs have more chromosomnes than cats, but that’s not evolution in action, it’s evolution in reverse! The cat is the pinnacle of evolution – they’ve even got us as their servants.

  3. says

    Well, as Hovind states (indirectly), a creationist research program consists of a five year old finding the difference between animals. So, under HIS conditions, a cat did give birth to a dog. Silly science for telling otherwise, with your blood tests and whatnot. If a five year old can tell it’s a dog, then it’s a dog.

  4. Carlie says

    I’m shocked, shocked!!!
    And after I already made the signs welcoming our new catdog overlords, too.

  5. Torbjörn Larsson says

    Apt header – speculation gainsaid by known behavior (adoption among animals) and refuted by a simple blood test. What’s the matter creo, cat got your tongue? ROFL!

    It gives the expression “cat burglar” a new face, though.

  6. Will Von Wizzlepig says

    Heh. Cat dogs and virgin births, leave it to the undereducated to come up with silliness like this- there’s a perfectly well know story stateside of a cat sneaking away with some puppies and nursing them- it’s in the archives on

  7. Dave says

    PZ, I blame this one on you. If you had just believed, it could have been shown to be true. In fact, it was true until you let facts get in the way. However, your lack of faith caused it to be false. You see, I have just been enlightened. If you are a creationist, and you believe REALLY HARD, that it can makes things true, even if the facts say they are not.