Palaeos reborn!

First I reported that Palaeos was lost, and then that it might be found, but now it looks like we can safely say it is being reborn. The old version of Palaeos has been at least partially restored, but the really important news is that a Palaeos wiki has been set up and people are working on reassembling old content and creating new information in a much more flexible format. If you’ve got some phylogenetic or palaeontological expertise, you might want to consider joining the Palaeos team and helping out with this big project.


  1. bernarda says

    Here is a video “Powers of Ten” that gives a graphic explanation of extremely large and extremely small distances.

  2. says is still going strong, and the various pieces are slowly beginning to click into place. However, we still have only a few serious contributors, and a project of this size requires many more to become all that we hope it will be. So come one, come all to, and feel free to muck in and help us build it!