1. says

    Hmmm, what kind of game subject matter would require that the breast anatomy and physiology be as accurately rendered as the physics? Not sure, but it sounds interesting whatever it might be.

    In keeping with one of your recuring post topics, maybe you could propose a line of evo-devo SIM games, starting with the title “Evolve a Breast.”

  2. archgoon says

    Curse you PZ!

    You claimed it was work safe, but I’ve just lost my job working at the Center for the Restoration of Victorian Age Values.

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    Spore is about the only thing that could make my buy a WinPC. Although I suppose it would be a lot cheaper just to get a copy of Parallels Desktop.

  4. FishyFred says

    I haven’t read the link. I’m guessing that Dead or Alive gets at least a mention.


    I win.

  5. speedwell says

    The correct answer, according to my pro 3D computer animator fiance, is becaause you would notice and complain if the artists tried to simulate the motion but it wasn’t perfect.

  6. SL says

    You seeem to be confused about physicists, and a few obligatory physics courses in game programming and informatics per se.

    Show me one physicist ending up like that and i`ll show you biologist ending up on the street.

    Obviusly you should drop by in the physics department and have a look what they are really doing. Some interdiscplinary education would DO YOU really good.

    Here`s how my chemist professor put it once: Those not making molecular biology often end up doing biology or microbiology those who fail even that end up doing informatics because they know hardly anything.

    And just so you know actual modeling and simulation of breast physiology (e.g. for mamographical purposes; medical phyiscs) would fall in the area of biophysics.

    If anything this is what physicists do unlike some biologist blogging their way through life:

  7. says

    I think boob physics for video games is like polyphonic ringtones for cell phones. When it didn’t exist nobody cared, but once somebody made it, it becomes a basic feature.

    Now if you go back to hearing old beeping ringtones they sound really stiff. Just like video games characters without boob physics look really stiff. :D

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    It’s an important area of study; one time I played a game where they were using a really weird bounce algorithm, and it was very distracting. Mind you, it’s difficult to tell if breasts that size really would behave that way in normal gravity.

  9. speedwell says

    …one time I played a game where they were using a really weird bounce algorithm, and it was very distracting. Mind you, it’s difficult to tell if breasts that size really would behave that way…

    OK, that proves our point, above, exactly.

  10. Paul says

    Because thanks to evolution, we pay an inordinate amount of attention to sexual characteristics (another reason the fundies hate it so much, no doubt).

    Which might be why programmers aren’t so worried about modeling much other than faces, boobies and Lara Croft’s ass. Oh and how grenades bounce around corners, obviously. :)

  11. bernarda says

    It is not only physicists get the fun, so do fitness experts like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    But he is an assman, not a boobs man.

    “My favorite body part, the ass”, he says.

    I doubt that even in Australia they have such things at conferences.

  12. Grumpy Physicist says

    I recall being asked (by a woman, of course): “Why is Tomb Raider so popular?”

    My reply: “I can think of two BIG reasons…”

  13. David says

    Link doesn’t work for me. When links to something and kills the server, they say it’s been farked. When does it, it’s been slashdotted. What do we call it when Pharyngula links to something and brings their server to it’s knees?

  14. Kagehi says

    So… You are saying that the Jiggly models for Neverwinter Nights I downloaded are a waste of time? lol Though, those also include male anatomy, either erect or flacid, depending on preference. Actually, for a few modules, like A Dance With Rogues, they are recommended/required, since its a rather twisted series, with a required female character and at least 5-6 points where you get stripped naked and have to run around trying to find your equipment again, while being sexually harrassed by the locals and even some of the monsters. Was a seriously demented set of modules.

    But, imho, if you are making a virtual world, make it realistic. Half assed ones bug the heck out of me.

  15. Lee Brimmicombe-Wood says

    I’m a video games designer currently finishing a Dungeons and Dragons title. It would be lovely to do a title with bouncy boobs in.

    Now, if you want PROPER breasts physics modelling, you will want to check this online model by a sports bra company. (I suspect this is on the borderline of work safe.)

  16. says

    That’s like, mesmerizing.

    The obvious question, though, is whether any manufactures of athletic supporters have put together a similar simulation.