Isn’t changing the dialog on Calvin and Hobbes heresy?

The Inoculated Mind twists a Calvin and Hobbes comic to make a point about debates with creationists…I don’t know if I should endorse that kind of tinkering with Holy Writ.

Oh, and while you’re over there, Karl is also hosting Mendel’s Garden #4.


  1. says


    That monosyllable expands to the following:

    “I agree with the point this fellow is making, and since he’s not exactly turning a profit with his slight re-touching of a Calvin and Hobbes strip, I’m not really riled up about it. (Unlike the “praying Calvin” stickers, which ruttin’ piss me off. Can I get a sticker of Godzilla stomping upon the sticker manufacturers who make those Calvin rip-offs?) At the same time, I think the original brilliant comic strips by Watterson himself say so much about the wonders revealed by science, the follies of religion and the loopiness of human beings that I don’t think the re-touching adds much at all.”

    Or, in one word: “Meh.”

    Meanwhile, Watterson is having brunch with Thomas Pynchon. . . .

  2. Stogoe says

    The kneeling Calvins are more disgusting than the ‘calvin pissing on something I don’t like’ sticker, but just barely.

  3. Torbjörn Larsson says

    I was tempted to say something about becoming a Calvinist, but those stickers took the fun out of it. First “Killing for Jesus” (prolife murders), then creos “Lying for Jesus”, now business “Stealing for Jesus”. What’s next?

  4. says

    Indeed, Calvin and Hobbes is such a good comic strip that I’d recommend it to anyone to read in place of an actual book for english class. I was a amazed at how close to this situation the strip was… and only three words were changed. The strip could have worked on its own, but I thought “If only…”
    I just hope it got a few laughs.

    As for the Calvin peeing on things, praying, etc, no one who makes or puts those kinds of decals up understands anything about Calvin and Hobbes.