1. says

    Woah. I’d never heard his interview with the guy from Way of the Master before. Reg really got his butt handed to him, didn’t he?

  2. Rey Fox says

    Huh, when I saw “8ET”, I read it as “BET” at first, and I wondered, what might Dr. Myers have to say on the critical issue of booty?

  3. bernarda says

    Make sure to watch the Sam Harris video which is on the Infidel Guy link.

    It is also here.

  4. OsakaGuy says

    Jason, I don’t know what interview you didn’t listen to, but Reg certainly did not get his butt handed to him by Ray “God’s Banana” Comfort or his partners Todd and Kirk. The “Masters'” scripted witnessing is so silly it would only convert the dullest of five year olds. Reg has some great interviews at his site, including Richard Dawkins.

  5. Jason says

    Cm n! Rg ws clmng tht f tm hs pssd snc y tld l, y r nt lr. Th WtM gy rghtflly tk hm t tsk fr t by brngng p mrdr. f y cmmt mrdr nd tm psss, ds tht mk y n lngr mrdrr? Rg’s rgmnt ws slly nd dmb.