1. melior says

    My favorite part of this as a T-shirt is that it makes the point in public using a (mildly) ‘naughty’ word, which in my experience often leads to young children asking for an explanation from their parents.

    It may be wrong, but I can’t tell you how many times I reveived similar enjoyment from seeing a parent smack the hand their child pointing at my “God Is Just Pretend” bumper sticker.

    *evil grin*

  2. Timothy says

    Oh great, now we need a tshirt that says this too:

    “Science: We finally figured out that you could separate fact from superstition by a completely radical method: observation. You can try things, measure them, and see how they work! Bitches.”

  3. says

    DahhhH! Why do such things have to be so expensive for us broke folks …

    $14.95 is dirt cheap for a T-shirt these days, especially with something printed on it. You’d be lucky to pay $25 for something like this in a shop. The $3.50 for shipping is just a minor nuisance, rather like sales tax.