Save the Australian Lungfish!

There is now a web page dedicated to the Neoceratodus cause. If you haven’t yet fired off a letter to oppose the destruction of the lungfish’s habitat, there’s a sample letter there to help you get started. It’s not too late to make your voice heard!


  1. quork says

    If those lungfish would jsut evolve into land-dwelling tetrapods, then they and we could dispense with the swamps.

    (yes, I’m joking)

  2. CCP says

    …and don’t forget, by helping to save the lungfish, you get to save at least 2 endemic species of side-necked turtles too! Bonus cool vertebrates!!

  3. pastor maker says

    PZ, you ain’t gonna save the lungfish. Just last weekend a Queensland city held a referendum and overwhelmingly rejected the recycling of sewage water.

    Australians are insane. We live on the earth’s driest continent and will happily destroy every river system in order to avoid drinking our own cleaned-up toiletwater. Then we claim it’s it’s our democratic right to hose down our cars and grow Kentucky bluegrass in our front yards. After all, when the well finally dries up we can just ask Evian to build a giant water production plant in every city, can’t we?

  4. says

    I got a long, detailed return letter saying that because of the extended droughts they have no choice but to proceed with the projects and will take every consideration into account regarding any endagered species.

    Man – we must expand and change to world to our bidding, else how can we claim domination as granted by Bog?

    It’s a sick sad world.

  5. says

    The detailed reply is obviously standard.
    It is dissapointing that the Queensland governments forsight is only until the next election.
    They are correct in stating we are in one of our worst droughts ever, and that we are a naturally dry country etc..
    What happens once we dam all the rivers? Will they finally consider regulating populations in an environment that clearly cannot sustain them? No government will make the hard decisions, and our natural heritage will have to bear the burden

  6. Andrew says

    Australians are insane? Tell me, do you drink recycled grey water in your home pastor maker? Racist!

    And if you want to bandy charges of insanity, which country has dragged the world into the quagmire of Iraq and now is sitting on its hands while Israel murders civilians and UN officials in Lebanon. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

  7. Xanthir says

    And yeah, despite living in one of the largest coastal cities in the world, we *do* recycle our sewage water. It’s cheaper than running out of groundwater…

  8. pastor maker says


    What part of “we” didn’t you understand?

    I’m an Australian. You’re calling me a “racist” because I called Australians insane.You’re obviously the exception. You’re not insane. You’re “special”.