Portrait of the blogger

The most amusing coverage of the Nature top science blogs article comes from The Technology Chronicles, which begins by calling scientists “sober, dispassionate, precise” and suggests that we’ve abandoned “Olympian impartiality” to compete with Cute Overload. I get the impression the author hasn’t ever met a real scientist. Nick will love being called a “budding Matt Drudge.”

We need more cute, huh? OK, I can do cute. I had to run my photo through a face transformer to do it, but here I am, rendered a bit more adorably than in real life.


Now I just sit back and wait for the fans to roll in.

(Thanks to Lindsay, who took the original photo.)


  1. iGollum says

    Definitelty a Dr. Zaius resemblance there – or a Dr. Moreau manimal. Quite disturbing, actually. Your wild-type phenotype is much cuter.

  2. Silmarillion says

    It’s a pity the face transformer didn’t have a ‘golden retriever puppy’ option.

  3. MaryL says

    That’s a credible attempt at cheek puff, but you really need to make the eyes bigger. Think of a lemur on uppers.

  4. thwaite says

    Heh, I just discovered the “Tech Chronicles” discussion of you in my normal morning perusal of the SF Chronicle’s site (sfgate . com – a good and totally free version of the daily newspaper, with complete archives also free). And now I see you’ve already tagged it.

    A bit odd that the Chronic’s coverage is in their tech-blog page, not (yet) in their separate Science section, which under David Perlman with others has been quite useable.

  5. says

    Ah, it appears PZ looks less like Bill Bryson than I’d hoped when you get to see more detailed pictures than the tiny ones on his blog. :-( How disappointing.

  6. MReap says

    Yaaaagh! You look much better in the real photo. The re-touched one makes you look like one of the Cavemen on the Geico commercial.

  7. FishyFred says