1. Diego says

    “Were-sand dollars”. I like that. But the transformation would only take place under the light of Aristotle’s lantern instead of a full moon. ;)

  2. wamba says

    More squid sex! More cartoons! Anything to get that Coulter picture off the front page.

  3. aine says

    I got bitten by a baby octopus once. It was in a crab pot when we pulled it. I picked it up and held it on the palm of my hand. Not a great idea; he bit me with his little beak.

  4. says

    “Alas, I fear that if I let myself be bitten by a squid, all I’d get for my trouble is a very nasty infection, and possibly a few toxins.”

    Of course; you have to be bitten by a radioactive squid! Everyone knows that!

    Or in our Modren Era, a genetically-modified squid, of course. And maybe fall into a vat of stem cells.

    Popcorn batter optional. Garlic only recommended if you’re fighting off vampires.

  5. David Lewin says

    The other problem with working with squid is that they tend to squirt you when you pick them up. I got through a summer at MBL working on squid development while avoiding being drenched. Not so my lab-mate!