Video: Casual Geographic Takes On Foxes

I see foxes pretty frequently around here. I happened to glance out the window earlier today, and there was a rather mangy fox in the tiny garden behind my building. I’ve noticed that most of the foxes around here don’t seem to be doing very well, which is why I was a bit surprised to learn that in general, they thrive in cities. Back in the US, urban mid-sized mammals would be a mix of skunks, possums, raccoons, and the occasional fox or coyote. Out of all of those, the only ones that live on these islands are the foxes, and they do seem to have filled in that slot. While they all look a little ratty, there are foxes everywhere around here. Anyway, all of this was to provide a bit of an intro to this video from Casual Geographic, telling us about foxes, and how they took over the world.

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