I finally caught COVID (plus True Facts about parasitic birds)

I made it almost three years without getting it. I avoided it when Tegan had her first case, but I guess I got too careless this time. At the moment, it feels like a head cold with a slight fever, and trouble with temperature regulation. It’s my goal to keep posting through it, but I can’t make any promises about post “quality”.

For today, here’s Ze Frank with a cool and slightly horrific video about brood parasites:



  1. says

    Since you are vaccinated, there is a good probability of you only having a mild-ish case. Neither I nor my mother have any long-term after-effects, unlike some of our non-vaccinated relatives. And we both were sick just a few days, I was essentially sick from Friday till Monday. Fingers crossed.

  2. Katydid says

    So sorry you got Covid. Hope it’s a mild case and you have no lingering issues.

  3. says

    Well-wishes are appreciated.

    So far it looks like I’ll be having the same experience Tegan did (which makes sense, since I probably got it from her due to inadequate distancing etc.). That means no high fever, mostly head-cold stuff, and a dry cough towards the end. There are a number of ways in which my baseline state is different from hers (I think I’m in a couple more high-risk categories with my weight and mistreatment of my lungs), but I’ve had pretty good luck with my immune system over the years.

    Hopefully it’ll be over this time next week.

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