The Fossil Fuel Lobby: Killing people for fun and profit

This is a good example of how propaganda continues to be used to undermine wind energy. I don’t know where the funding for this came from, but over the years, the fossil fuel industry has invested millions in lying to people not just about climate science, but about any alternatives to fossil fuel energy generation. This strategy began while nearly identical misinformation campaigns were being waged by the lead industry to keep lead as a gasoline additive, and by the tobacco industry to keep the public from understanding the dangers of tobacco smoking.

I will keep saying it – these people are committing crimes against humanity, and a just society would lock them away, and use their assets to try to repair some of the damage they have done to satisfy their greed. Just as we are still grappling as a society with the damage done by tobacco and lead, we will continue dealing with climate change long after the people whose inaction created the problem are dead. Millions of lives will end this century because of the lies of the fossil fuel industry starting in the last century, and every step of the way there will be people still holding up those lies, and claiming that the deaths are due to anything BUT a changing climate.

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