Climate teach-in videos from has released a couple good videos on climate science, and climate solutions. If you haven’t seen them yet, you should take a few minutes to watch them. I’ve requested transcripts for people who prefer not to watch videos, or who are unable to see or hear them, and I’ll update with those when I get them.



  1. EnlightenmentLiberal says

    This is so depressing. I’ve reached the regrettable conclusion that the reason why we won’t actually combat global warming is because of the so-called environmentalists and their irrational and anti-scientific resistance to nuclear power. I see the above videos doing well to attach the anti-scientific position of those who say man-made climate change is not real, but then I see equally bad if not worse anti-science positions of the environmentalists who claim that we can solve this problem with wind and solar. Fuck, I feel so bad. Glad I don’t have kids.

    I felt supremely depressed when I learned this last week.

    A solar power plant at the center of the Obama administration’s push to reduce America’s carbon footprint has its own carbon pollution problem.
    […] the plant burned enough of it in 2014 – its first year of operation – to emit more than 46,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide.
    The same amount of natural gas burned at a conventional power plant would have produced enough electricity to meet the annual needs of 17,000 California homes – roughly a quarter of the Ivanpah plant’s total electricity projection for 2014.

    That’s right – one of the biggest solar plants in my state burns 1/4 of the nat gas that a nat gas turbine would burn for the same electricity output.

    I was so mad when I learned this. Unbelievably mad. 1/4 of a nat gas turbine is great, and even nat gas is much better than coal. However, if we’re serious about solving global warming, 25% is not good enough. 10% of coal is not good enough. We need practically 0 from our electricity, industrial heat, and transport sectors, and even then, that only gets us to 87% of all human CO2 emissions – we might need more. Maybe negative emissions. The only way that we can do that with current tech is nuclear fission reactors. We could do it with nuclear power in 2 or 3 decades (give or take a solution for liquid transport fuels).

    I am so unbelievably mad at all of the so-called environmentalists for their irresponsibility. If global warming is as important and dangerous as they say it is – and I generally agree – that it’s unbelievable that they would stick their heads in the sand, on the hope and prayer that something comes along in time.

    Hell, now many of the so-called environmentalists are saying it’s too late to stop it all, and we can only mitigate it. Are they willing to use nuclear power yet? Hell no. Fuck the environmentalists. Relatively speaking, the climate change deniers are not the problem. The anti-nuclear environmentalists are the real problem. They are the people who are ensuring that we will not fix global warming. Fucking luddites. They’d rather watch the world burn than abandon their anti-scientific resistance to nuclear. Many have openly said that they don’t care if nuclear can work because it’s really about local control of energy production and the climate change problem doesn’t matter. Just fuck them.

  2. EnlightenmentLiberal says

    I’ve wandered back, and I started watching the second video. They cite the well known fraud and liar Mark Jacobson. It’s really sad when a well known charlatan is the arguably the most respected and most cited “expert” in the environmental community. I hear his name and papers cited all of the time. Apparently no one has ever bothered to read them. If nothing else, this shows that almost the entire green movement is like a religious cult, immune to scientific reasoning and evidence. The blog’s author is apparently one of the many well-intentioned but gullible and conned members of this movement.

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