Self Care – Recipe: Matzah and Cheese

I did promise a couple Passover recipes.

This is one Mom found and then slightly modified. The original idea was a macaroni and cheese, but for Passover. Because matzah farfel (basically crushed matzah) is used, it turned into a very dairy casserole. And it is delicious… assuming you aren’t vegan or lactose intolerant. If you’re either or both of those things… you might want to skip this one…



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Self Care – Recipe: Chocolate Heven Cake

I’m bringing this here. It’s a recipe my mom and I came up with. I shared it on my old blog back in 2015. I’m gonna share it here, now…

(See what I did there? Chocolate HEVEN cake? Cause… heh… my last name is HEVENstone…




Carry on…)

How much do you love chocolate?

I hope chocolate is an obsession for you, because that’s required for this recipe. The cake I’m about to tell you how to make is beyond chocolate. It is another level.

These pictures are amateur, but still… look at this thing:


Oh yeah. Chocolate porn right there, folks.

Wanna learn how to make it?

Of course you do.

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Rant: Water Temperature for Tea

This is perhaps the most pointless rant I will ever write on this blog. It serves no political purpose, it’s not germane to any current events… I just…

I work at Teavana, and this is, by far, the single most common complaint we get from customers:

Customer (talking about our samples): This tea tastes so much better here then when I make it at home. And I do have the sugar.

Me: What tea are you making at home?

Customer: [It’s usually Youthberry/Wild Orange Blossom, which is a white tea blended with an herbal tea. But it’s almost alwaystea, and not an herbal tisane]

Me: And how hot is the water you use to brew it?

Customer: I mean, I [boil it on the stove/heat it in the microwave/get it from the Keurig/get it from the hot-water spigot/…]

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