Great Guitar Solos – Porcupine Tree Plays The Sound of Muzak Live

I’ve highlighted Steven Wilson before, as well as Porcupine Tree. At this point, it’s safe to say Porcupine Tree is done, despite many fans desperately wanting a reunion.

Admittedly, I feel quite different about modern music today then I did when I first heard this song. When I first heard it, I was definitely the worst kind of music snob, and so this became a sort of anthem to me. Now, I accept that there’s no accounting for taste, and that love of music is subjective. I’m not so sure that music is “going down” so much as it, by nature, cyclical. The genres and styles may change and/or evolve, but the way music is produced, performed, and made popular doesn’t ever really change… it just goes in circles…

That said, I do still enjoy this song immensely, especially for the guitar solo, which is another brilliant one played by Steven Wilson himself… it starts at 2:44 and ends at 3:38.



  1. catbutler says

    Not particularly my thing musically, but that is a well constructed solo. I don’t comment much here, but I enjoy these posts immensely. They’ve introduced me to all kinds of things I hadn’t heard before.
    Not at all a lead player myself (more an acoustic odd tuner sort), but I can always appreciate hearing something new.

  2. says

    Thanks! And you’re welcome. I got into Porcupine Tree because I’m a really big fan of Pink Floyd, and Porcupine Tree could basically be best described as what Pink Floyd would sound like if they were a 90s band with metal influences.

    Also, feel free to post more!

  3. catbutler says

    I read a lot more often than I post, but I’ll try to add more. I really enjoy your site.

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