Self Care – Worth It: $7 Secret Menu Vs. $2,500 Secret Menu

(Hey vegans, vegetarians, and other non-meat eaters! Just wanted to let you know that they eat burgers, here. So feel free to skip it if you want.)

I definitely want to try that peanut butter bacon burger… also, I’ve been to Gramercy Tavern, and I’ve had that off-menu bacon burger. It’s really good.

I have no interest in that caviar souffle. I can skip that.

“We didn’t know it was going to be so expensive.”

Bullshit. You knew exactly what you were doing.

(I’m noticing a theme… I’m constantly salty about the most expensive items in these videos. But, in my defense, they never seem like they’re actually worth it. They do have one about steak, back in season one… you know what? Maybe I’ll post that in a future Self Care… maybe tomorrow! So I can talk about my holy grail of steak…

Yeah… you know what? Tomorrow’s Self Care is the Worth It video about steak.)


  1. says

    Here’s an experiment you can perform:
    1) Take some food you really like
    2) Eat a mouthful. It’s awesome.
    3) Eat another. Not bad.
    4) Eat more. After about 4-5 mouthfuls, you may as well be eating cardboard.

    Maybe it’s just me (I’m curious) but it seems that the human palate gets jaded very quickly within a meal. I suspect that’s why some presentations of sushi, dim sum, or tapas, are particularly effective. It doesn’t take much of any given food until you’re just eating it because it’s there.

  2. says

    @Marcus Ranum…. that’s only ever happened to me with things I’ll eat, but don’t really “like”… if that make sense.

    Like… I could eat sushi all day every day and the flavor never goes… in fact, it often gets more interesting the more I eat.

    Garden salads, on the other hand, are totally fine. I have no problem eating them if they’re what’s available. However, after a bit I kind of stop tasting them.

    So I wonder if it’s at least partially in the mind… at least for me, the more I like something, the more of it I can eat. The less I like something, the less of it I can eat.

  3. Jessie Harban says

    Peanut bacon burger = EWWW.

    Shake Shack = crinkle cut fries. Crinkle cut fries are an abomination.

    Gramercy Tavern = meh. I’ve been there, but I don’t recall being particularly impressed by it.

    @Marcus Ranum:

    Maybe it’s just me

    Maybe it is just you. That’s not been my experience.

  4. Ogvorbis: A bear of very little brains. says

    At my son’s restaurant (well, a soup, salad and grinder place (except that (in the valley) they are subs)), Wife, as a joke, suggested “fluffernutter Friday” as a special. A customer overheard and asked for one. Wife ran over to the grocery store to get the marshmallow fluff (they already had the peanut butter (no idea why)) and they made him a Fluffernutter Sandwich. It is not on the menu board. It is not on the delivery menu. They sell five or so a week. I had no idea that secret menu items were thing.

  5. says

    @Jessie Harban… you know what they say… there’s no accounting for taste. That burger sounds and looks delicious to me.

    Same with Gramercy. I go very rarely, but I’ve loved it every time I’ve been…

  6. says

    Nathan and Jessie Harban --
    It’s starting to sound like it’s just me! Interesting!

    Seriously, I love a toasted bagel with butter. But I notice that after the 5th bite, I may as well be eating cardboard, unless I jerk my attention back to it and start basically imagining how good I know it tastes.

  7. blf says

    Marcus Ranum, I concur with the other commentators, it is “just” you, albeit with two caveats (listed in no particular order): (1) I accept there may be other people with a similar reaction (so the “just” is not literal); and (2) I — and I suspect may others — do get “tired” of the the same(-ish) thing(s) “too” frequently. Not on a bite-by-bite basis, but on a meal-by-(recent-)meal basis.

    An example from my days as a university student (from a meeting with the catering staff): Most lunches and some dinners were included in the housing contract. The catering staff’s management, from a contractor employed by the university, told us of a lesson they learning at the company’s school: It was a two(?)-week course, and the management-trainees were given a choice; Either a fixed per-day payment to cover food, or else all(?)-expenses paid vouchers to eat at, but only at, the highly-regarded X restaurant.

    Most trainees took the X restaurant option — and quickly became tired of the same(-ish) offerings, despite being quite good, day after day after fecking day. The lesson? Vary the menu. On a (in the university setting) daily basis.

    As a side note, most of the catering staff were Latinos (this was in southern California): The days when “Mexican” was on the menu were easily the most-attended, as the food was superb on those days.

  8. says

    @blf I actually wonder about that…

    I go back to sushi, here, because it is, as I’ve said, my all-time favorite food. I’ve never been in space where I could have sushi for many many days or even weeks in a row, but I actually can’t imagine getting sick of it. It’s why I love sushi buffets so much; because I can eat hundreds of dollars worth of sushi for a much cheaper price, and if you know where go (places like Nori Nori in Atlanta, GA or Ichi Umi in New York, NY, for example; I emphasized the “sushi” in “sushi buffet” because buffets with sushi often have a bad reputation; you have to find a place that’s centered around sushi), the sushi is consistently fresh and amazing and entirely worth it.

    I wonder what would happen if I could afford to have sushi over and over again for a while. Might have to be an experiment of mine when I can actually afford it…

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