Self Care – Great Guitar Solos: Led Zeppelin Plays Since I’ve Been Loving You

Jimmy Page again! This solo is yet another amazing one from Page. Powerful and emotional, it definitely soars.

Of course, I’m talking about the second solo. There are actually two, here, the first one opening the song. And that one is really good, as well, setting the tone of the song quite nicely.

The first solo starts right at the beginning and ends at 1:12. Page continues to play lead licks underneath Plant’s singing, so the lead playing continues. But the second, and main, solo starts at 3:37 and ends at 4:52.



  1. johnson catman says

    I grew up with friends who idolized Led Zeppelin and held disdain for groups like AC/DC. I came to love LZ and their music was my go-to. I have since come to like AC/DC and others for what they are and don’t try to compare them to LZ, but Led Zeppelin will probably always be my favorite. Thanks for again highlighting some of their best!

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