A Double Whammy from James Comey

I’m still mad at James Comey for his actions during the election.

I know that blame for Agent Orange’s win is spread very thin, as, at least for me, Bernie Bros, white people, conservatives, hacking, the Electoral College, the Democratic Party, and many, many more things and people can be blamed for Clinton’s ultimate loss (despite her massive popular vote win). But I do think Comey shares at least a little of the blame.

However… he also seems to be trying to make up, at least a tiny bit, for his actions. He has not been cooperative with Agent Orange at all, and these are yet more proof of that…

From the New York Times

Mr. Comey told the House Intelligence Committee, “We have no information to support” President Trump’s assertion on Twitter that President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower.

“We have no information to support those tweets,” Mr. Comey said, repeating moments later, “All I can tell you is that we have no information that supports them.”

The N.S.A. chief, Admiral Rogers, weighed in as well, saying that he had no knowledge of anyone asking the British or any other ally to wiretap Mr. Trump. That seemed to refute another claim made by the White House.

“I’ve seen nothing on the N.S.A. side that we engaged in such activity, nor that anyone engaged in such activity,” Admiral Rogers said.

The more they research, the more it’s clear that Agent Orange lied. But that was just part one…

Also from that same article…

The F.B.I. is investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election and possible links between the Trump campaign and the Russian government — and whether there was any coordination, Mr. Comey said.

Mr. Comey said that it was unusual for the F.B.I. to confirm or deny the existence of any investigations, but that in unusual circumstances when it is in the public interest, the bureau will sometimes discuss such matters.

“This is one of those circumstances,” he said.

“The F.B.I., as part of our counterintelligence effort, is investigating the Russian government’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 president election,” he continued, adding that the investigation included looking at whether associates of Mr. Trump were in contact with Russian officials, and whether they colluded with them.

So not only is Comey saying there was no evidence that President Obama at any point wiretapped Trump Tower, or that it was ever even targeted, but he’s running investigations into Russia’s role in the election.

Agent Orange is getting push back from basically every angle, and it is delicious… even if I think it will amount to nothing in the end…


  1. brucegee1962 says

    It’s looking more as if the Orange one saw a January 20th piece in the New York TImes that had the words “Trump” and “Wiretap” in the headline, did not bother to read the entire article, leapt to the conclusion that he was being wiretapped by Obama, and tweeted accordingly. The mind boggles.

    I think what will come of this will be that everyone in DC — both Republicans and Democrats — now realize that the man in the White House has the mind of a small child. The difference is that the Democrats see that with horror, while the Republicans see it with glee — power now becomes a matter of seeing who can influence him the most.

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