Sean Duffy is Infuriating (Youtube Video)

I first saw this on Tuesday’s episode of TWiBPrime.

This asshole is now a Trump surrogate…

I also found the transcript. And I will be including my own rather angry responses to Sean Duffy, as well (although I don’t have many because Alisyn Camerota actually does a good job, here)…

ALISYN CAMEROTA: Joining us now is Republican Congressman Sean Duffy of Wisconsin. Good morning, Congressman.

REP. SEAN DUFFY (R), WISCONSIN: Good morning, Alisyn, thanks for having me on.

CAMEROTA: Great to have you. Why is Mr. Trump saying the press doesn’t cover terror attacks enough?

DUFFY: First, I think you are playing right into his hand. We’re having a conversation right now about a broader conversation on a pause on allowing individuals to come in from seven countries that are riddled with terrorists. In that broader conversation you are now airing on your network the greatest hits over the last couple of years of terror attacks that have taken place not just in America but in Europe.

So the conversation on terrorism as it comes through you and other networks, Americans at the forefront of their mind is how dangerous terror is in their communities and why this pause might be important, why we take a special look at who is coming in to make sure they want to be part of the American dream, they want to be peaceful, and they don’t want to do innocent Americans harm.

Um… that does not answer her question… at all…

CAMEROTA: You make such a good point, Congressman. So in other words, we are taking the bait.

DUFFY: You are, well done. You are driving the conversation.

CAMEROTA: Thank you.

DUFFY: And reminding everybody.

CAMEROTA: So in other words, this was put out by the president as a red herring to try and scare Americans?

DUFFY: Well, not to scare, to remind. I don’t know that for sure. I am sending out that proposition, because you do cover terror attacks. They are gruesome, they’re horrible, and the American people need to know. But as you these, and they’re not greatest hits. They are horrible hits from what has happened to terrorism, it does again remind America what is at stake here. And when you say on your network or others that there is no cause for concern, that we don’t need to adequately vet folks coming in from these seven countries that are known hotbeds for terrorism, I think most Americans go, well hold on a second —

CAMEROTA: Hold on, hold on, who is saying we don’t need to adequately vet people coming in from other countries? Who is saying that?

DUFFY: To adequately vet, and Mr. Trump would say, and this is a main theme of his campaign, that we need to adequately vet people who are coming into the country.

CAMEROTA: Just one second. Refugees spend two years being vetted. They are vetted by a host of agencies from the U.N. to the Department of Homeland Security. They have by biometric fingerprinting. They have interviews. So what part isn’t being adequately vetted?

DUFFY: So two years. What is your concerned then to say, let’s take a 90-day pause? Let’s pause for 90 days and let the new administration actually analyze the vetting system and make sure that the people coming in are here to live the American dream. And by the way it’s this president’s responsibility, its this congress’s responsibility to make sure we keep our people safe.

CAMEROTA: And what part of that vetting are we not doing right right now?

DUFFY: This is for the administration to determine. That’s why they want to take a pause and say let’s fully revamp and look at how we are vetting folks. And again, there’s the conversation about is it a ban or is it a pause. If you look at the executive order, it’s a 90 day to 120 day pause to analyze whether we are doing this correctly. It’s not a lifetime ban. It’s not a 10 year ban. It’s 90 days to 120 days. This is simply, commonsense stuff.

CAMEROTA: Not for Syrian refugees.

Exactly. The White House is singling out Syrian refugees for particular scrutiny, which is a problem because those refugees arguably have the most reason to get the hell out of there…

DUFFY: Right. And until in Syria they figure out this conflict in the civil war and this hotbed for terrorism, we’re going to have a longer term ban in Syria, you’re. The six other countries —

CAMEROTA: Yes, but arguably the refugees in Syria, the women and children there who we see from all of our reporting, luckily we have CNN correspondents who are brave enough to go there and report that they are under siege and being killed and on the front lines, so why can’t they come in?

DUFFY: I think the longer term ban — I am speculating on the administration, they may think you need a longer time period to adequately vet the folks in Syria because you don’t have a government, you don’t have a paper trail. It takes far longer to actually make sure the people you are bringing are people who, again, are true refugees.

We’ve heard from the terrorists themselves that they are going to try to infiltrate our refugee program, and that’s going to come from the epicenter of is which is in Syria. So we should have a little greater pause about those who come in from these countries. I want to be very clear with you, Alisyn. I have a warm heart and open hands to those true refugees that are out there living in hell in these countries, as you mention, women and children —

CAMEROTA: So how does banning them indefinitely help them?

DUFFY: I don’t know that it will end up being indefinitely. I think it’s going to end up being longer to the 90 to 120 days, but I think the administration is recognizing that it’s going to take a little longer time to figure out how do we make sure we are bringing in the right folks from Syria and not getting infiltrated from ISIS. Again, I think it’s just more than that 120 day threshold.

CAMEROTA: Congressman, look, what I hear you saying is that Americans should be worried, Americans should be very worried about terrorism around the globe. Now, you know that more Americans are killed by lightning strikes every year than by terrorism, so how much do you want Americans to worry about terrorism here?

I just want to pause here for a minute to relish this. It won’t be the last time Camerota gets a shot in at Duffy… all she does is cite facts.

DUFFY: I would just tell you, if you go to the gay nightclub in Orlando and talk about what this means to that community, and you want to compare that terror attack to lightning, Alisyn, or you want to go to Boston for the bombing and talk to those in Boston who were bombed by radical Islamic terrorists, and say you want to compare that to lightning, I challenge you to have that conversation.

CAMEROTA: We did go there. Let me be clear —

DUFFY: Lightning may be random, but this is purposeful, it’s death, and if the government could prevent lightning, you know what, from killing people, we would. But if we can prevent terror attacks, and we can, we should.

CAMEROTA: Congressman, I did go to the Pulse Nightclub. I did spend days there. I did spend days there. I did interview dozens of people who were friends of those killed and people who were inside who were still struggling with the emotional scars of that.

DUFFY: And they would not want you to compare that to lightning, Alisyn. They are two very different — did you go to Nice. Did you go to Belgium or to Paris?

CAMEROTA: I did. I did, congressman. I went to all of those places. And let me tell you what you told me. They did not want people to feel more divided. They wanted love after that. They felt that love was the answer. These are quotes I am telling you. They felt the only way to bring people together was through love, not by pointing to people about who are the enemy. And so don’t you, as a leader, need to explain to people whether or not the fear is valid.

Yet again, Camerota has words. She did go to different sites of terrorist attacks. She did interview survivors and victims’ loved ones. And they had rather different answers to what Duffy insisted they would be…

DUFFY: Alisyn, I’m a lover. But Alisyn, listen to me. In that nightclub and at the Boston bombing and in Nice before that truck mowed down 80 something people, love didn’t quell the hearts of these radical people. Love couldn’t do that. And so we have to look and say what is motivating these folks who are taking up arms and trucks and knives and killing innocents.

And so, again, what is wrong with a pause? We are having a pause for 90 days. Why is that so radical? Why is that so extreme that we can’t say, Mr. Trump, you talked about this on the campaign. You are going to take 90-120-day pause. Good on you, Mr. Trump. If you want to analyze the vetting system that has taken place for two years, we will give you another 90 days. That’s not extreme. That’s not radical. If you can prevent another Boston or San Bernardino or Orlando, you’re the new president, I am going to give you that space to do that. Why can’t we as a country come together and as networks come together and give the guy a break. Let him protect us. Give him a shot.

First off… no. This ban, regardless of how “temporary” it is, has nothing to do with “protecting” us, and everything to do with pure racism and Islamophobia.

Second off… this is where I start to get angry…

CAMEROTA: Congressman, why isn’t the president talking about the white terrorists who mowed down six Muslims who were praying at their mosque?

DUFFY: I don’t know. But I would tell you, there’s a difference — again, death and murder on both sides is wrong, but if you want to take the dozens of scenarios where ISIS inspired attacks have taken innocents, and you give one example of what happened in Canada, I’m going to condemn them all. But again, you don’t have a group like ISIS or Al Qaeda that is inspiring people around the world to take up arms and kill innocents. That was a one off. That was a one off, Alisyn.

Okay so… first off… you really should have just stopped at “I don’t know”, Duffy. Because then you go on to be utterly disgusting…

There’s a difference? There’s a difference? Fuck you, Duffy. Fuck everything about you. There is no goddamned difference. It’s fucking terrorism. It was not a “one-off”.

CAMEROTA: Hold on a second, congressman. You don’t think there are white extremists? You don’t remember Oklahoma City? You don’t think this guy who was involved in the mosque shootings said that he was inspired by things that he read online?

DUFFY: So you give me two examples, right? And in recent time we would talk about the one example. And there are radicals all over the world and here in America that will take up arms and do bad things.

But if you want to compare this one person in the last ten years that you can give an example of, Oklahoma was, what, 20 years, Oklahoma City bombing, that’s different than this whole movement that has taken place through ISIS, and inspired attacks. Are you going to compare the one attack up in Canada to all the death and destruction and Europe —


CAMEROTA: How about Charleston, Congressman? He was an extremist. He was a white extremist?

DUFFY: Yes, he was. OK?

CAMEROTA: How about that? That doesn’t matter?

DUFFY: No, it does matter. It does matter. Look at the good things that came from it. Nikki Haley took down the Confederate flag, that was great.

He. Actually. Said. That.

This. Is. Real. Life.

For those who don’t remember, Charleston is where racist white supremacist Dylan Roof *spit* murdered 9 people at the Emanuel African Methodist Church, and then was taken to Burger King by the cops because he was hungry. And Duffy actually said “look at the good things that came from it”…

Because Nikki Haley took down the Confederate Flag.

What? You didn’t know that Nikki Haley and Bree Newsome were the same person?

Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley

Bree Newsome

Bree Newsome

This link is to Democracy Now’s story about Bree Newsome, the woman who actually took down the Confederate flag in South Carolina.

I have to admit that I’m rather disappointed in Alisyn Camerota for not correcting Sean Duffy…

But anyways…

[DUFFY:] But you want to say I can give you a couple of examples. There’s no constant threat that goes through these attacks. And you have radical Islamic terrorists and ISIS that are driving the attacks, and if you want to compare those two, maybe you can throw another one —

CAMEROTA: You can.

DUFFY: Look at Gabby Giffords. The Marxist, who took her life, a leftist guy, and now you see violence and terror in the streets all across America, burning and beating people with Donald Trump hats. The violence you have to look in, you’re trying to use examples on the right. So, where do you, the left —

I just want to point out that there was nothing “left” or “Marxist” about Jared Lee Loughner, the man who attempted to assassinate Gabby Giffords. Again, Camerota failed to correct him…

CAMEROTA: Congressman, just to be clear —

DUFFY: The left has to say violence is wrong, whether they look, love and peace, as you brought up in San Bernardino, why don’t we look Berkeley?

CAMEROTA: Orlando.

DUFFY: Thank you.

People get beat up for wearing a Donald Trump hat, “Make America great again” hat, again, or they get kicked, and stores get vandalized and they burn and they beat, and where does the left and CNN and MSNBC stand up and say this is wrong? If we’re going to have peace in our hearts —

CAMEROTA: Yes, it’s wrong when Muslims are attacked as well, and when swastikas are spray-painted on buildings. We’ve been talking about —

DUFFY: Alisyn, come on.

CAMEROTA: Why do you think when it’s a white terrorist, it’s an isolated incident?

DUFFY: What I am saying is you have a cell, a heart, a beat of ISIS that’s inspiring people around the world. Do you deny that? And that’s going to Europe and coming to America, whether it’s lone wolves.

Yet again… when it’s white people, they’re “lone wolves”. When it’s people of color, it’s a conspiracy of organized terrorism…

[DUFFY:] So what is the heartbeat of the attack that you referenced in the mosque? Or what happened in Charleston?

CAMEROTA: Extremism. Hatred. White supremacy.

DUFFY: Can we vet that? How should we vet that to keep ourselves safe? I will join you in that effort, what do you do?

CAMEROTA: Do you not think it was white supremacy? This is what the shooter said it was.

DUFFY: Yes, it’s horrible. So, what should we do? I mean, I’ll join you, what do we do on the white supremacy front to make sure we don’t have another attack like Charleston? I am with you on that, Alisyn.

Ban white people for 90 to 180 days?

CAMEROTA: Speak out about it, and crack down on it, and talk about it as extreme violence much as we about —

DUFFY: Yes, yes.


CAMEROTA: — terrorism that you call radical Islamic terrorism.

DUFFY: So let’s crack down on ISIS. Let’s crack down to the seven terror countries that are riddled with terrorists and give Donald Trump 90 days to 120 days, give him a pause to make sure he can keep us safe. Because you know what? If we could have vetted that guy who went into the mosque in Canada or the guy that went into a church in Charleston and kept them from those deaths, wouldn’t we do that? Wouldn’t we take that step together? So, if we try to prevent those attacks in America from two examples you gave me, why couldn’t we, if we can protect America from people who might come in to do us harm, why wouldn’t we do that? The argument is the same on both sides.

CAMEROTA: Yes, the only problem with your argument is there is that no terror attack that a refugee — no deadly terror attack that a refugee has been responsible for, and —

DUFFY: There has been in Europe and many in Europe.

CAMEROTA: Right. But not yet —

DUFFY: And this, but again, this is a pause, Alisyn. So, why not take a pause? Why not learn from Europe and say we can take a pause, and we can review, we can analyze and then we can bring those people in who are truly victims, and want to come in and need a refugee status and need a new home. I am with you on that front.

It’s just a pause, everyone! You know… like when something is overwhelming you, so you decide to take a pause to gather your thoughts and figure things out?

Holy fucking shit Duffy you’re a complete asshole…

CAMEROTA: OK, Congressman Sean Duffy, thank you very much for the debate. Nice to talk to you as always.

DUFFY: Have a good one.

And that’s the end of that infuriating “debate”.

Alysin Camerota did well, but Sean Duffy is a disgusting asshole.

I really don’t have much more to say, so…


  1. cartomancer says

    It annoyed me that she failed to point out that the Orlando shooting was the work of a native-born American, not an immigrant.

    Also that, boy, are there so organised white supremacist organisations fanning the flames of terrorist attacks on the US -- Breitbart and the KKK for instance. Which are now part of the Trump administration. That’s something a shill for them definitely ought to be grilled over.

  2. says

    Where did all the syrian refugees come from? Did the US’ “regime change” policy, and arming the anti-government forces have anything to do with it?

    Admittedly, if I were a syrian refugee, I would be coming over to the US to fuck some people up.

  3. says

    “Admittedly, if I were a syrian refugee, I would be coming over to the US to fuck some people up.”

    That always gets me, how so many people are completely unable (or unwilling) to put themselves in the shoes of a Syrian, Iraqi, or anyone that’s been negatively affected by America’s never-ending War on Terror. They SHOULD be mad and SHOULD hate America. I know I fucking would. How convenient that religion is able to serve as a scapegoat to so many, while American Exceptionalism is absolved of any blame (to the extent it’s even considered)

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