Great Guitar Solos – BB King

You thought I was just gonna skip over the Blues?


Come on. I play guitar. Skipping over the Blues is an actual crime, and I’m not looking to go to guitar jail any time soon.

So here’s one of the greatest Blues guitarists of all time, BB King, playing great Blues guitar. Unfortunately, the sound mix here is pretty crap, so you’ll basically just hear BB King and the drums, with the keys adding just some atmosphere that makes it hard to tell what the music itself is, and whether it’s in major or minor… plus, the bass guitar is non-existent.

But don’t let that kill your enjoyment of one of BB King’s amazing guitar performances. Sit back, relax, and enjoy:


  1. says

    What about duets?

    (I repeat myself, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Johnny Copeland, “Tin Pan Alley” Montreux Jazz Festival
    add to that Chet Atkins and Mark Knopfler “there’ll be some changes made”)

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