Facebook knows better. Let’s make it DO better.

Via email from Color of Change (all emphasis in original):

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Dear Iris:

One year ago, in response to Facebook doubling down on their refusal to remove calls to violence against Black protestors, we launched our “Stop Hate for Profit” campaign. Together, with our partners and Color Of Change members like you, we successfully compelled an unprecedented 1,200 business partners to withdraw millions of dollars in advertising from Facebook for failing to protect Black users and community stakeholders.1 The boycott increased the pressure we placed on Facebook to respond, resulting in them agreeing to some of our long standing demands, including creating a senior role to oversee civil rights at the company and a dedicated team to study algorithmic racial bias.2 Despite these important changes, Facebook continues to fall far short of adequately addressing the harms they cause our communities.For the last year, Facebook has refused to publicly address the full set of recommendations from the independent civil rights audit Color Of Change pressured Facebook to undergo. This audit, led by outside civil rights experts, investigated every corner of the company to identify harms resulting from Facebook’s policies, products, and decisions. The nearly 100-page audit showed rampant failures at Facebook to address civil rights issues such as voter suppression of and organized hate against Black people.

Instead of implementing the recommendations set out in the audit, Facebook continues to sink to new lows—they said they banned Trump for two years, then let him run ads for his June rally and fundraise to further line his pockets.4 Demand that Facebook publicly implement the crucial recommendations of the civil rights audit and adopt Color Of Change’s new #BeyondTheStatement Tech Framework to undo the policies, practices, and products that continue to manufacture race-based discrimination and inequity.5

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Without enacting the full set of recommendations, Facebook continues to prioritize profit over any cost. This has already resulted in Facebook supercharging misinformation during the 2020 election and providing Trump and other right-wing extremist groups with unprecedented tools that made organizing the insurrection possible.6,7 Facebook side-stepped decisive action to permanently ban Trump and has instead opened the door for his return ahead of the 2024 presidential election season.8 The company is on course to repeat its failures, imperiling Black lives and democracy once again. 

We cannot let Facebook forget the danger it poses to the physical and digital lives of Black people the longer it refuses to enact the civil rights audit recommendations. Add your name to the petition.

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Until justice is real,

—Jade Magnus Ogunnaike and the Color Of Change team


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If you are willing and safely able to do so, please sign this petition and share it far and wide. Thank you, good people of the FtB community.