New York Daily News logo with "breaking news" bannerFormer Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld dies at 88: family

Regarded by former colleagues as equally smart and combative, patriotic and politically cunning, Rumsfeld had a storied career under four presidents and nearly a quarter-century in corporate America.
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Or…don’t. I care about as much about the details surrounding Rumsfeld’s death as he cared about Iraqi civilians.  LET’S DANCE!

dancing snoopy


  1. Bruce says

    Yes. But should we condone everyone who supplies arms to dictators to be able to just live to a ripe old age with their family, facing no remorse and no censure?
    He got off too easily.

  2. Artor says

    Justice delayed is justice denied. Rumsfeld got away with horrific crimes, and never had to face any serious consequences. This is a disgrace, let’s not repeat the mistake with the current crop of war criminals and traitors.

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