NYC Happy Noise! UPDATED.

Almost live! NYC’s (West Village) celebrates Biden/Harris win. Three things:

-It’s even more exuberant than the frontline workers/first responders cheers we used to do every day at 7pm the beginning of the COVID lockdown.

-This is Donald Trump’s hometown. Hahaha.

-I shot this video (well, it’s not much to see, it’s all about the sound) maybe 20-30 minutes ago, then imported and uploaded it to youtube and did all the admin stuff, and wrote this post – and this is still going on. If anything, even louder and more boisterous.


My partner just came home from an errand bearing gifts:

© flyboy 2020
All rights reserved.

© flyboy 2020
All rights reserved.

The happy racket is still going. Now it’s like the crowd at a stadium doing the wave down the West side: very distant thunder (midtown?), rolling closer (Chelsea/Meatpacking) then West Village. Don’t know if it keeps going to Battery Park City, but I’d like to think so.

Hey New Jersey, CAN YOU HEAR US?



  1. DonDueed says

    That’s fun! Personally I feel more of a sense of relief than celebration. Especially if the Senate stays in control of the evil party that blocked Obama’s court appointments for six years, then filled all those open seats with their allies.

  2. cartomancer says

    New York might be Trump’s home town, but the most telling statistic is that only 5% of voters in Washington DC actually voted for him. I’m not sure anyone could claim that living somewhere for four years and having 95% of your neighbours desperate to get rid of you at the end of it is a success.

  3. says

    @DonDueed: I feel relief too, more than anything else. I suspect that sound you hear reflects just how bad Trump is, not how excited everyone is for a Biden presidency.

    @cartomancer: He infamously and officially changed his home from NY to Florida, a state which has no personal income tax. I am SURE that’s just a coincidence tho. 😂

  4. Ichthyic says

    It’s a day to rejoice and have fun damnit.

    stop analyzing it and just enjoy it. you’ll have plenty of time to beat your head against walls later.

  5. says

    Comrade William: I’m not so sure about taking a step in the right direction, but at least we stopped heading at the speed of light in the wrong one.


    It’s a day to rejoice and have fun damnit.

    stop analyzing it and just enjoy it. you’ll have plenty of time to beat your head against walls later.

    I can both enjoy it for what it is, and critically analyze it for what it is not. Simultaneously, even!

    And I’m not a fan of beating my head against walls. Instead, I helped Jamaal Bowman win his primary challenge against Elliot Engel, helped get the Squad reelected, and just generally helped to elect the most progressive Congress in my lifetime, precisely in order to temper or outright block the worst impulses of establishment Democrats like Biden. Now that was fun. But you do you.

  6. says

    “I watched in Jersey City, New Jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building [World Trade Center] incompetent president was coming down.”

  7. L.Long says

    Don’t be too happy yet as the psychotic pile of crap still has 3 mo to total screw us over…i.e. shutting down the feds. Calling foul on the vote, or just being the ahole he is. And don’t forget about his flock of sheeple who have shown us repeatedly how to be st00pid & violent!!!

  8. says

    Marcus, Prediction: a century from now, Trump will be immortalized as a topical comedian who pretended to be the president.

    L.Long, for sure. I was texting with my sister about this the other day. Attempting to be over-the-top and ridiculous, I said of the Biden win, “At least now there’s less of a chance that COVID vaccines will be restricted to red states, with blue staters having to prove they’re Nazis in order to get one.” Shortly after pressing send, I realized that was hardly outside the realm of possibility in a second Trump term, and in fact, nothing I could think of, no matter how absurd, grotesque, evil or bizarre would be a non-starter for this administration. Shortly after pressing send on that, I realized anything and everything could happen between now and January 20. Then I just put my phone down. Nothing good for my mental health could have come from following that train of thought any further.