1. says

    I’m usually a fairly staid person. When presented with humor, it has to be really funny to make me do more than smile. The first two made me laugh! Extremely rare!


  2. Kreator says

    Nice! The first one reminded me of the following joke (translated and adapted from Spanish:)

    A man simply known as Old McPhee opened a hardware store next to a church in his town. In order to promote his shop, he decided to put up a poster with a picture of Jesus nailed to the cross, with the following caption: “Buy your nails from Old McPhee, two thousand years of guarantee.”

    Soon, people started complaining to the church’s priest, so he decided to talk to McPhee: “Son, what you’re doing isn’t right. You can’t use our Lord’s suffering for publicity like this. Please change your sign immediately and repent from your action.”
    McPhee didn’t want any trouble, so he agreed to change the poster. He put up another picture of a crucifix, but this time Jesus was smiling and waving one of his hands to the public. The caption below said the following: “Guess which hand wasn’t nailed down with a nail from Old McPhee.”

    The outrage was even greater this time, so the priest decided to visit McPhee once again, accompanied by the bishop. The bishop told McGee: “Son, can’t you see that you’re committing a grave sin? Change your sign and do not use a picture of our Lord to advertise your store again, for that could destine you to the fires of Hell!”

    Once again, McPhee did as he was told. He decided to put up a final poster, this time depicting an empty wooden cross. The caption said the following: “If the nails were from McPhee, not even God himself would flee.”